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The Best of Titans of Wrestling Volume #3

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I put this comp of wrestler bios from Titans together almost a year ago, and then my laptop broke and I couldn't do anything about it. I have finally been able to access my old laptop today, so here you go, better late than never. Originally, I had planned to record an intro explaining which bios are featured, but I never got around to it and was too lazy to record one tonight. The bios featured are from the first 30-something episodes of Titans of Wrestling:


Baron Scicluna

El Olympico

Tor Kamata


Steve King

Black Demon

Pete Doherty

Killer Khan

Dominic F'N DeNucci!


The first two Best of comps can be found here https://soundcloud.com/jerryvonkramer/sets/the-best-of-titans-of


Also, look out for something Titans-related that is much more exciting than this on the weekend, fans!

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Nice collection of bios. Just a quick note, when discussing Dave McKingney in the Wolfman Farkus bio, the question was asked whether McKingney's Beast was the same Beast who was a big star in the Maritimes. That's a different Beast--Yvon Cormier, brother of Leonce (Leo Burke), Jean-Louis (Rudy Kay) and Romeo (Bobby Kay).

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I finished off listening to this earlier and one thing that struck me is how early on we all fell into our roles on the show.


I think some of these clips were from like episode #3 and I don't think you'd know listening back. Kinda surprised me, I remember those early shows feeling more awkward. But then I always think shows are worse than they are while we are recording.

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