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[1984-10-22-UWF] Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Nobuhiko Takada

Superstar Sleeze

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Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Nobuhiko Takada - UWF 10/22/84


Takada came out to So Happy Together and Fujiwara Ride of Valkyries. God Bless Japan!


Why the fuck did I wait so long to get into Fujiwara! He is the best at coming up with completely plausible way to hit pro wrestling moves in a match. His backbreaker was tight. I really like these two together. Takada has so much to prove against Fujiwara, who is as confident as he was against Super Tiger. I loved the early grappling. It was quick without lacking the grit and struggle. Takada had some nice early gymnastics and Fujiwara/Takada did their bridge/snapmare sequence. It was grappling with highspots. The ultimate highspot was Fujiwara's escape from the Boston Crab that needs to be seen to be believed!


At about the ten minute mark, Takada gets fed up starts throwing strikes at Fujiwara this seems like a bad idea at first because Fujiwara gets him in a corner and belts him. However, Takada actually wins the stand up and moves into a chinlock. Takada does not wrestle his control from a position of strength. His control feels tenuous at best and he wants to end it quickly because he knows he could lose any second. Fujiwara does come roaring back with some vicious strikes. He tries for the Crossface Chickenwing, but settle for a wicked piledriver. There is a cut due to bad video and next thing you know Takada is coming flying off the top and crashing and burning. My one complaint down the stretch is that sometimes Takada would pop up and start to go back on offense with kicks. It just seemed too sudden even for this pro-shoot-style mix. Fujiwara is killing Takada with butterfly suplexes and huge headbutts and then it is just here comes Takada. I think there could have been a better transition for Takada to have one last gasp. I LOVE the finish with Takada going for the crossface chickenwing only for them to snapmare each other over with Fujiwara coming out with the Crossface Chickenwing and the win.


Highly entertaining shoot-style match. Loved the story of Takada as the underdog trying to match Fujiwara. Fujiwara is fucking awesome. Silent badass demeanor. Strong as all get out, great on the mat, cool highspots, great logical set ups, crazy awesome strikes. Excellent match! ****1/4

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You may finally get me to check out a lot of this stuff. Been sitting there forever on the to-do list. Most of my shoot-style exposure has been through the yearbooks. I generally like it, almost always find it interesting and yet never or rarely love it. Hoping to turn that corner at some point, though I fully recognize I haven't yet gotten to prime Tamura/Kohsaka/Yamamoto.

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