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[1984-07-29-Mid South-Oklahoma City, OK] Midnight Express vs The Fantastics

Superstar Sleeze

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Mid-South Tag Team Champions Midnight Express vs Fantastics - Mid-South OKC 8/9/84.


You want to hear the roof come off a joint, listen to the reaction to the hot tag to Bobby Fulton! That's how you build to a hot tag, people.


Cornette and Eaton take the embrace for heat one step further with Cornette giving him a peck on the cheek. Rogers/Fulton work a headlock base for their shine. The best sequence was when Condrey gets three shoulder tackles in a row, on the fourth he gets bodyslammed and then shouldertackled four times. His reaction was priceless. The Fantastics drive the MX crazy by switching out on their arm bar illegally. However with the ref distracted, the MX doubleteam Rogers doing a number on him and play King of the Mountain with him. The ensuing FIP is excellent! Condrey is that dick heel going for the throat using knees and elbows, coming off the ropes always looking to double team. Eaton is mechanically so proficient everything he does looks great. Eaton/Condrey were a heel's team, Eaton/Lane had more flash which lent itself to more workrate, but Eaton/Condrey were heat magnets. They cheated their asses off. Rogers was money as an FIP. Selling was great and timed his hope spots so well. The MX had so many good cutoffs with each one seemingly more cheap than the previous. I thought Fulton was excellent. So often I think the hot tag is lame for just standing on the apron. He was very active throughout the FIP and it made a better match for it. Rogers gets a reverse elbow and tags in Fulton decks em all. Rogers trips up Eaton from the outside allowing Fulton to crossbody Condrey for the win.


Southern Tag formula executed to perfection with all four men working hard. Just did not think there was anything exceptional about the match. That sort of hook or spot you will always remember. They just took the formula and nailed it. ****1/4

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