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[1977-04-30-WWWF-Baltimore, MD] Bruno Sammartino vs Billy Graham


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Bruno Sammartino vs. Superstar Billy Graham

WWWF Championship - Baltimore, Maryland

April 30, 1977


Graham's look really must have been a revelation. Perfect foil for the North East crowds. Vince Jr. is on commentary. They circle and tie-up with Graham powering Bruno into the corner twice in a row, with the second throw having an audible impact. They tie up a third time and now Bruno gets the arm drag take down. Brunoe works over a wristlock into an armbar and then throws him down into a hammerlock but Superstar rolls outside. Graham slides back in and begs off. Test of strength is only appropriate as Graham powers Sammartino down but can't get the pin. Bruno powers himself up with the help of the crowd and Graham escapes again. Superstar now takes over with an attempt at a wristlock but is overpowered by Bruno, who gets an armbar before Graham gets a big knee to the belly. Graham then stomps Bruno's abs and chops his throat. Bruno's selling is great here and Graham works him over by choking him with the ropes. Bruno waits for his chance and makes his comeback, even posting Graham and sending him to the floor. Superstar is bleeding when he comes back in and Bruno gets the crowd going with an all out assault. Superstar gets even with a bearhug, which Bruno eventually works out of into a bearhug of his own. He lets Graham go just to beat on him some more, but the ref argues with Bruno allowing Superstar to roll him up, get extra leverage with his feet on the ropes, and win the title at about 15 minutes.


Both guys looked at their best here, with Bruno in complete control of the crowd and Graham coming across as a sneaky Hollywood prick. Sammartino won most of the exchanges and even had Superstar bleeding and begging but somehow Graham was able to cheat his way to the championship. Good stuff. ***1/2

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Good review of a good match :-) I think I agree with all of it. Over all I definetely think Bruno was the better guy of the two, but this match shows that Graham wasn't awful all the time at all. And what an awesome character he was in this period. Perfect contrast of character with these two. True heel vs. true face. Flashy arrogant fuck vs. working class hero.

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