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Memphis wrestling question


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So I'm watching 1986 Memphis TV on YouTube, and around October they bring in Sputnik Monroe in to introduce his son Bubba to the territory. He's obviously not the greatest worker but he's not Erik Watts-ing it out there either. Within a couple weeks, he's losing in 25 seconds to Jerry Lawler. With wrestling being wrestling, I figure there has to be a story behind that one.

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I have no idea what happened in Memphis, but I remember Bubba Monroe showing up in the GWF for at least one match, and the commentator (can't remember if it was Doyle King by then) constantly referring to him as Sputnik and then apologizing for his confusion because the resemblance was so strong. This would've been '92 or '93 maybe.

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So I'm at the point of the big Lawler vs Idol/Rich feud, and I'm noticing that Austin Idol never appears on TV live. He's only popping up in pre taped interviews and highlights of matches from the Coliseum. I get the point of TV was to build to the arena, but it seemed odd he didn't even appear in studio to do an interview with Lance and Dave.

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