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[1985-01-14-CWA-Mid-South Coliseum] Rock & Roll Express vs The Nightmares

Superstar Sleeze

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Rock N Roll Express vs The Nightmares - Memphis 1/18/85


The Nightmares are Ken Wayne and Danny Davis. I only know Danny Davis through Stone Cold who said he had a stiff chop and was a good mentor. They are a couple short dudes. Mempho was definitely the short man's territory. RNRs must be on loan from Watts. They looks so good here. Awesome, awesome shine. I am loving these Memphis tag team match shine. Just so many fun spots. Just watch it. Cant describe them all. If you don't smile, well then you just have no soul. I thought the heat segment is what brings this above the PYT/Fabs matches as the Nightmares are more focused on Gibson's knee and do some great work on it. I loved the Boston Crab with assist. Morton is a great hot tag, awesome punches. He gets nailed with a cane. One Nightmare backbreakers him, but the other misses the diving headbutt to lose the match.


RNRs were typically awesome. Nightmares were a couple Koko's great offense but even more focus. The PYT matches have had minutes where the match drags. This one never did. All action. Good fun! ***3/4

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The Nightmares are the great 80s tag team that no one ever talks about. Really great tag team that could brawl, fly, wrestle heel or face, they could do pretty much anything. They had a decent run in Memphis but their best run by far was in Continental.

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