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PTBN Reaction Show: Payback 2016

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There are times I honestly enjoy Orton. He actually seemed to be loosening up and having a blast with the babyface stuff by the end of his last run there.


I wouldn't be lining up to see another Reigns rematch, by any means. But bouts with Rusev, Owens, etc. are okay. And, based on things like the Rollins series, I could see him matching up well with Styles.


They still haven't tapped into a Brock match, if that was ever seriously on the table in the first place.


And I actually think a high-profile garbage match with Ambrose could be entertaining - if they positioned it right and didn't place it on some card that featured a half dozen other gimmick matches to hinder it. I'm thinking something along the lines of Randy's SummerSlam match with Christian or any of his Last Man Standing stuff. He's far from terrible in those settings, and something like an I Quit match could really give Dean's character a spotlight and a critical boost at this point.


So yeah. I see it. There are enough interesting things on the table for Orton's return. Whether or not they tackle any of that, well... we'll see.

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