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  1. Zero

    [1951-04-20-Kohler Chicago] Gypsy Joe vs Leon Kirilenko

    I personally couldn't get into this. After seeing this thread, I did some research on the Kirilenko case, and creepy is an understatement from the details.
  2. Zero

    [1955-06-10-Kohler Chicago] Dick Afflis vs Ivan Rasputin

    The commentator mentioned this is Dick's debut at the Chicago International Amphitheatre. That's pretty cool if true. Ivan has some stiff gut punches, but there wasn't really much to this.
  3. Zero

    [1961-04-14-NWA Chicago] Buddy Rogers vs Haystacks Calhoun

    I'm going to say that was the planned finish, and what a finish it was! Buddy really made the headlock portion a breeze to watch for me, with his limp body getting dragged.
  4. I'm not a fan of this match at all. Thought it was overdone & sloppily done. Hiromu was the best guy in the match to me. Maybe, this just isn't for me?!
  5. Zero

    [2018-01-01-WWE-Raw] Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns

    What a way to kick-off 2018 this was! Went back to this, and it's really good. A red hot crowd! Building up to the big spots! Extended heat from Joe! Stip playing nicely into the match!
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  8. I remember watching the Busters/Rockers series years ago, and enjoying the matches. So, I decided to go back and re-watch em. Arn & Tully couldn't catch their breath in this match, with the Rockers just swarming them. They finally get the upperhand after a sick double team drop on the top rope. The finish was similar but different from their previous encounter at the Spectrum the month before.
  9. A section of the Spectrum fans helping the heel Brain Busters at every corner is pretty funny. The chemistry is so good between the Busters & Rockers, enjoyed this. Heenan was pretty good on commentary, and sold the Rockers as the next big thing.
  10. Felt like I was stuck in a time loop at certain points. They could've cut this match in half.
  11. It still shcoks me that Sabu was able to do some of these things in 2000. Nearly a decade of damage on his body already. This wasn't going to be the greatest wrestling match in the world, but I think it delivered on what you expect out of Sabu v. RVD.
  12. The finish of this was pretty stupid. Little Guido breaking up a pin, just to turn on Lynn..?!?! The action was pretty good in the match though.
  13. Enjoyed this. Hase's gameplan was working perfectly, but nobody can plan for the power of Misawa's elbows.
  14. The closing stretch was red hot. Omori looks super strong coming out of this.
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