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  1. Enjoyed this. I was a little worried about the runtime, but it flew by. 2nd fall was a treat, the 3rd fall finish was a bit lackluster.
  2. Couldn’t agree more. She’s probably the best handled wrestler in the WWE of the last decade or so.
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  4. Zero

    [2002-07-17-NWA TNA] A.J. Styles vs Low Ki

    They only got about 10 minutes, but they did quite a bit with it. Story of the match was Styles reversing a lot of Ki's offense. 2002 AJ Styles is really fun to watch.
  5. The worst of the Bruno/Larry series I've seen so far. Finish didn't look that great either.
  6. The crowd reactions for the opening armdrags were tremendous. Roaring. Bruno is in control for the majority just beating up and yanking Larry's arm off. Larry finally takes control after an eye-poke. and gate keeping Bruno from entering the ring. Ends with Bruno trying to rip Larry's head clean off his body while his foot is tied up in the ropes.
  7. "Sammartino has lost his mind!" The crowd at the Spectrum was red hot from the start. Roof came off anytime Bruno was on offense. Ends with Bruno snapping and trying to cripple Larry.
  8. This is my first time watching the Bruno/Zbyszko feud, and I am a fool for letting it slip past me for so long. Larry finally going full Cobra Kai on Bruno was something else.
  9. Oof. This interview aged like milk. Cornette does not come of well in this. Shocked more of this hasn't gone around with all the twitter heat Cornette has of late.
  10. Enjoyed this. Both guys were landing hard shorts, and working long holds, but it never dragged. Rasputin hit a big strike that send O'Connor flying to the floor which was pretty great.
  11. Ivan is quite the great heel. His strikes looked great, and he was powering Tiny around. I’d like to see more of Ivan
  12. Not much to discuss here. Alvarez the younger guy gets the win after three subpar drop kicks.
  13. Never seen any Yulie Brynner. What a gimmick for 1958.
  14. I personally couldn't get into this. After seeing this thread, I did some research on the Kirilenko case, and creepy is an understatement from the details.
  15. The commentator mentioned this is Dick's debut at the Chicago International Amphitheatre. That's pretty cool if true. Ivan has some stiff gut punches, but there wasn't really much to this.