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Wrestlers in different eras/territories (help for a potential project)

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I was looking for some good examples of wrestlers that would be worth looking at in terms of a diachronic look (over time) and a more synchronic look (same time), with perhaps different territories/regions/promotions instead.


What I was looking for is maybe some examples of wrestlers who would not only fit nicely within either way of analysing, but would actively be interesting to look at.


I was thinking someone like a Shinjiro Ohtani might be worth a look - Dr Wagner Jr, perhaps? Looking at older lucha, his NJPW stuff and modern brawls.


Any other good ideas?


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I'm thinking of guys who could be modified Eddie Gilberts: manage and work, but up and down the card including big main events. Punk is pretty obvious. It has to be someone who seems right as a manager at a fairly young age and doesn't seem bigger/like a better athlete than their charges.

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