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[2016-03-28-WWE-Raw] Chris Jericho vs Fandango


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So, ahem........let's talk about another two minute Raw match shall we? The idea of Jericho revenging all of his embarrassing defeats is pretty funny, lord knows how many JTGs they'd have to rehire for him to get all of his wins back. I'm totally behind his character at this point. He's my favourite comedy wrestler. Feuding with Ambrose is pretty much perfect for them both. As long as he's not up against someone who would otherwise have good matches I'm fine with him being around. Laughing at his shtick gives me much more joy than watching jobbers take most of the (supposed) squash matches against a promising black wrestler. He should win least outstanding and best gimmick as condescending dad in WON. This match also had chops. I feel like there's discussion to be had about wrestlers that are traditionally thought of as good/workrate specialists using those before everyone started doing so. Benoit, Jericho, Michaels......

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