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[2016-03-28-WWE-Raw] Charlotte vs Natalya


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How many matches have these two had in the last few months? Another ok but completely forgettable match that took a backseat to the guest commentary. As much as I like the back stomp Natalya does some of her stuff looked pretty bad/sloppy here. Have to wonder what ever made anyone think she was this great worker outside of the Bret connection and that one tables match with her and Beth Phoenix vs. LayCool. I'm sure that made the Jimmy Redman 100 best matches ever list, it might be the best "divas" match ever. It's nice to see Charlotte at least try to act like a heel by using the ropes and begging off when Natalya went to Powerbomb her but she does seem more like she's playing a wrestler than a natural at it and the set up to the aforementioned Powerbomb was pretty contrived.

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