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[2016-01-21-BASARA] Ryota Nakatsu vs Ikuto Hidaka


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Firstly-credit where credit is due-the commentator said Nakatsu's style is Data Pro Wrestling which was an amazing Prince Of Tennis reference. I like Ikuto Hidaka but he isn't one for rookie punishment matches. I enjoyed this when they started doing Battlarts Junior wrestling but the first half was inconsequential, uninspiring and unnecessary.

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Neat little underdog story. I didn't see this as a rookie punishment match, but more of a veteran encouragement match. Ryota holds back early with his strikes and Hidaka encourages him to bring the fire. The legwork and Nakatsu's desperation selling was really great. I loved the spot where he clings to Hidaka's leg to prevent the Shawn Capture. His roll-through Fujiwara armbar was a cool spot and Hidaka made the later armbar counter look super dangerous. I would've preferred a submission finish but the final stretch was spirited and fun.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2016-01-21-BASARA] Ryota Nakatsu vs Ikuto Hidaka

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