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[2016-05-01-WWE-Payback] Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho


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So surprised to hear Steve Austin call this a "masterpeice" on his podcast this week. I'd like to think I've just seen *more* of these two than he has, so I'm maybe more bored of both of them than he is...but that's not it. He reviews every Network show and, since getting the Network, I pretty much only watch the Network shows, so, our viewing is pretty much identical.


I think this is the perfect example of a match that really relies on the viewer being a fan of the performers - if you're sick of both, this was a tedious drag of a match that offered nothing fresh or exciting. If you're a fan of both guys, it was everything you wanted it to be, a back-and-forth "greatest hits" bout.


Lastly, I just want to say - I'm not an anti-Jericho guy. I thought that last year (I think it was), his series with Bray Wyatt was actually better than most critics said. I didn't out-and-out hate the AJ Styles match at WrestleMania (aside from the booking of the finish). I just thought that this Ambrose bout was really nothing special, a painful reminder of just how much both guys' stocks have fallen due to overexposure.


I wouldn't be surprised if, 10 years from now, I saw this same match and liked it better. Right now, though, I'm so sick of both guys that they came into it with me not interested and they never won me to the other side.

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