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[2016-05-05-WWE-Smackdown] A.J. Styles & Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs Roman Reigns & Jimmy & Jey Uso


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GREAT MATCH. Maybe the best WWE TV match of the year so far. It started out as a tag match between The Usos and Anderson/Gallows, then that fell apart after Anderson hit Reigns with an awesome stomp through the ropes (I'm so glad that move is coming back and won't be lost to time and only known to folks who watch thirty year old CMLL trios matches). I love AJ/Reigns interactions, I could watch them wrestle forever, there was a great sequences where AJ went from a Sunset Flip but Reigns blocked it, picked AJ BY THE THROAT and just threw him into the air and tried to Samoan Drop it, AJ tried to counter it with back elbows so Reigns put him down and drilled him with a punch, you really get the sense they are reacting to what the other is trying to do and that sense of struggle really helps the match. Anderson got a couple of great nearfalls in on Reigns, I was shocked at how much I was buying them, they really were phenomenally set up. This was about as good as a chaotic WWE trios match gets. ***3/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2016-05-05-WWE-Smackdown] A.J. Styles & Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs Roman Reigns & Jimmy & Jey Uso

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