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[2016-02-21-LLE] Dragon Lee vs Xtreme Tiger

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After watching years of bad US indy wrestling and the Pentagon/Fenix match from Oudou I've really grown to appreciate how smoothly CMLL guys set up their highspots with their bumping. And they do have incredible highspots-Lee does one of the best Suicide Dives ever here, just crushing Tiger and slamming him onto the barricade. Also really liked the early matwork, Dragon Lee has showed he can hang with guys like Virus and Negro Casas when they take it there, he should be fine in 10-15 years when he won't be able to do as much as he does now. In the mean time we can enjoy him nearly killing himself on a Dropkick. This had a badass pinning sequence, you're used to seeing the Benoit/Malenko one over and over again so it does feel very fresh when you get completely different holds used and have no idea what's coming next. ***1/2

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