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[2007-04-29-WWE-Backlash] The Undertaker vs Batista (Last Man Standing)

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World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker vs Batista - WWE Backlash 2007 Last Man Standing


WOW! Undertaker was moving so damn fast here. Looked really spry and agile. He looked like he had lost a ton of weight and it showed as he was moving as well as he did in 2007. I thought he looked amazing on offense throughout and was really putting in the effort to have a great match. Loved the opening with Big Dave running into a big boot and Undertaker just pouncing. The urgency was great and it was nothing but hard shots. Good powerslam by Batista as a hope spot. Batista's leg is bandaged due to an attack from Finlay. Having a bad leg seems very bad in a last man standing match. Undertaker has a bad elbow, but that may be a shoot. Undertaker starts working on the bad leg. They move to a superplex and then they are throwing hands. So I think everybody who reads my reviews knows what's coming. They are moving way to fast between their segments. The transitions do not mean anything. Batista and Undertaker are REGISTERING the shots, but they are NOT SELLING the damage. The move are not having consequence. The rest of the match is a mindless, entertaining power spotfest but totally feels like an exhibition and that they are just checking off boxes.


Taker bloodies Batista - Check, uses stairs

Cool highspot nearfall - Check, Taker leg drop on announce table

Outta nowhere transition for a nearfall - Check, Batista's crazy spear after taking a ton of punishment

Finisher trading & Frustration - Check, Chokeslam, Batistabomb, steel chair, Tombstone

BIG CRAZY FINISH - Check, Batista spears Undertaker off the ramp through a table with some electronics that explodes


They checked all the boxes, but in the most mechanical fashion possible. It did not have the heart or the glue to be a great match even though Undertaker was trying so hard to have a great match. ***1/2

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Between this and the Mania match. Batista vs taker is an underrated Taker feud. Yes, this had all the tropes of a WWE style Last man standing match. Big shots, lots of plunder and a ridiculous finish that saves either guy from losing. Big Dave was selling the leg somewhat in the match and Taker looked more motivated than usual.

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