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Between the Sheets #75 (December 21-27, 1992)


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Between the Sheets #75: December 21-27, 1992


My uncle recorded that Regis episode for me when I little. And Summerslam. (He was excited to use his new VCR at the time)

Anyway I absolutely love that segment where he teases Kathy Lee. It was all innocent fun until she started talking shit in her book. I believe she also was disgusted with the Bushwackers.

Bix you described that "chase scene" exactly right. Fuck her. Regis was so happy. I love when Regis does the Rude gyrations! Bobby was great as usual.

Rude was the best at promoting events.

And Kris are you serious saying Frank Gifford would be a threat to Rude. That's like saying Jimmy Hart is a threat to Haku!


WCW: Flair had interesting time in his WWF 1st run but no matter if it was good or bad, just taking a detour in New York elevates your status and fame tremendously. After the Brain Busters finished up in WWF Arn Anderson said he was way more famous. Even already popular guys like Dusty were even more over once they went back to WCW. 123 kid was a joke to me but when he showed up in WCW he became way more interesting!

As a kid I was so excited to see stars from other promotions in another company.



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Kris & David are guestless this week discussing the week that was December 21-27, 1992. We talk about the early rumblings of Ric Flair going to back WCW, SMW's first Christmas Chaos tour, sex change accusations in Memphis, Arn Anderson & Erik Watts brawl at a gas station, & Rick Rude gets ripped in Kathie Lee Gifford's book. A fine show if I must say.

Also thanks to everyone who voted for us in the 2016 Sheety Awards as we won Best Podcast, Jeff Hawkins for Best Guest, and Best Co-Host!!!!

0:00:00 WWF
0:35:00 Int’l: Japan, Canada, Mexico, & Puerto Rico
0:53:12 Classic Commercial Break
0:57:15 Housekeeping & The Amazon Game
1:27:55 Other USA: SMW, USWA, GWF/Dallas, & Portland
2:17:31 WCW

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What's the official source on the WWF wanting Warrior to turn heel? Because the only people I've heard tell that story are a.) Scott Keith, or b.) people who got it from Scott Keith either directly or from other people who got it from him. The concept makes no sense and I really won't believe it without some corroboration from somebody else.


I read through each Observer as I finish each week of my '90s Yearbook watch and I don't remember Meltzer discussing the possibility at all.


Edit: I don't see anything wrong with the date of the Jannetty debut. There was no Sherri at either SNME or Survivor Series, meaning the angle aired before either of them.

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This might be something to discuss in another thread, but I just can't see these rumors being true. Ultimate Warrior would be DOA if he were a heel. Russo, to this day, receives a lot of flack for turning Goldberg heel. I cannot imagine that even a coked out Vince would dream up heel Warrior. It just wouldn't work without killing his character dead. I cannot think of a worse WWF guy to turn heel in that 87-91 period.

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I don't get who he would work with as a heel, either. Savage? Vince wasn't putting him back in A-show main events, period. Bret? Was being moved into a feud with Papa Shango before the sudden change in plans. Davey Boy? Seems too early to be running IC vs. WWF title matches. Undertaker? Honestly the best option, since it'd be an interesting reversal of their '91 feud, and he did get some shots at Flair, but Undertaker was settling into more of an Andre the Giant-type attraction at this point than a real title contender. And where does that leave Flair? Do they turn Perfect anyway?

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The bigger problem with Warrior is that his style is pretty much a face style of wrestling. Can you imagine a heel Warrior running down to the ring all pumped up and squashing his opponent in 10 seconds? He would have to walk to the ring, play a chicken-shit heel (in some respects), no signature Warrior comebacks and no selling. I can't see it getting over. Heel Warrior would get all the wrong kinds of heat.

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