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    The end of Dinner With The King

    I didn't know this about Lawler's character, but if u want laughs at Lawler's expense, YOU GOTTA WATCH: 'Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond'
  2. Outsider

    Between the Sheets - Chronologically

    Best Podcast! Lots of impostors but bts is still #1
  3. Outsider

    Mania Week Insanity 2019

    My highlight...was "A Hunka, Hunka, Honky Love" baby!
  4. Outsider

    Ronnie Garvin

    The 1st time I saw Garvin was in WWF in '89. I was pretty young and after my mom ordered me a title belt from the catalog, they also sent that WWF 'PROGRAM' magazine and Garvin was on the cover. I think it was a great decision for Ronnie to go to New York in '89, because '89 is a year like no other. Almost Everyone from 1989 has transcended into a mega Super Star. Just look at the Brain Busters. Arn said he was way more over after his run in WWF. 89 is a special year. You got WM5. You got No Holds Barred, which my uncle took me to see. I was only 6 or 7. I think 89 was the peak of the Golden Era. RUGGED RONNIE GARVIN WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED FOR HIS VALENTINE FEUD. NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT WRESTLING CHAMPION
  5. Outsider

    All Elite Wrestling offically a thing

    Why is it so hard to get pro wrestling on a corporate cable channel? Personally, I think IMPACT is allot more entertaining than Raw. 3 fuggin hours of RAW is ridiculous. Use the last hour for classic programming. I think it would help promote the network. And why are promos so edited and written for everyone in WWE? Remember how much more interesting promos were when the talent had artistic freedom? 1 of the reasons that Nitro was so popular.
  6. I was looking everywhere for a Terry Funk avatar!

    You found a great photo of the Funkster.

  7. Outsider

    RIP "Mean" Gene Okerlund

    In the name of the Most High, May God accept Gene Okerlund's deeds and have mercy upon his soul. Mean Gene is a TV personality that I truly appreciated. I loved when he would say, "my long-time, close, personal, friend " or something similar. Gene was and will always be one of the few wrestling personalities that "everybody(over 25)" remembers. I spent the 1st week of The New Year at my mother's home and played the Sean Mooney podcast interview with Gene, for her before I left. The next time we spoke she told me how much she enjoyed it! And my mother is not a fan of pro wrestling. 1 thing that separates Gene from the rest, is his facial expressions. Especially his eyebrows and lips. RIP to my long-time, close, personal, friend.
  8. Post your favorite surprise moments that were planned but a shoot to some. Slamboree '95 - During the Lengendary Hall of fame inductions, Dusty was supposed to be last...until he said there is 1 more Hall of fame induction and it's going to Gordon Solie! Gordon's face is priceless. He had tears in his eyes. Randy Poffo looked great. INOKI IS THE MAN! CODY RHODES Holds dad's trophy. RIP Big John Studd whose son accepted for his father. Warrior running out at end of WM8 was favorite moment as a kid because warrior was off T.V. prior to that for long time. Not looking for botched moments or mistakes.
  9. I haven't been on PWO in a while but best believe that I never miss BTS! Thank you for doing back to back '91 shows! I was like a kid and remember every detail including watching Tues Texas live! "Hogan must get even!" What a great time in sports history. Barcelona Olympics was 1st Olympics that I remember watching that summer'92. From the legendary Great American Muhammad Ali's torch moment to NBCs coverage daily. Please continue with shows before '95. ** I still haven't watched Suburban Commando. I saw No Holds Barred in the theater and luved it! 2nd time in theatre i was 7. Harry and the Hendersons was 1st movie I saw. Babysitter took my older sister & me.
  10. Thanks for doing pre-attitude years! Anyway I've been listening since day one. I like u guys. And Kris you crack me up when you say "Bix you were 5 years old!" I think you've said something similar in the past a few times. There's an old song from my teenage days called "You ain't gotta Lie to Kick It" by Silk the Shocker. I get it we all like to say we saw WM3 live for example. But saying you were confused about the Snowman on Memphis TV when u were 5? Or saying you got the Observer at 8 years old!!! I'm not trying to clown you. We all exaggerate a little bit. Great Show!
  11. Outsider

    Best workers of the 2010s (so far)

    Remember that championships don't mean you are the best worker. Anyway I am shocked that nobody mentioned Sami Zayn Yea the nerdy Jewish writers never put him over but he always performs and makes everyone look like a million bucks. P.S. I'm joking about the writers. Just sick of the lack of improv in modern product.
  12. Outsider

    Bruno Sammartino, 1935-2018

    Please don't tell me Sheik Al-Kaissie left us!? He was my favorite of all the "sheiks" probably because I am too young for Ed Farhat and Iron Sheik is Iranian and didn't get to see Xander the Great in ring much in WCCW. ANYHOO I hope General Adnan is okay. I saw photos of him at cauliflower alley and he looked great with silver white hair and no mustache. He is a great family guy and still resides in the Minnesota twin cities area from last I heard.
  13. Outsider

    Bruno Sammartino, 1935-2018

    Bruno was before my time and I remember first hearing his name on AWA when Larry Zybysco would do promos and would talk about beating Legendary champions like Nick Bockwienkel and Samartino. I would really like to hear from Larry right now on his thoughts. Last thing I want to say: Bruno was a real stand up guy. Family man. And always stuck to his guns. I really enjoyed the Bruno package on the network. Savage bumping for him was awesome.
  14. Outsider

    Greetings From Allentown podcast

    Great show! Along with BTS and PTBN you are quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts. Early 90s WCW gets allot of criticism, but it's still one of the best eras to relive! I noticed something crazy...everywhere Ventura was working, is where the most over and entertaining product was! How much credit should Jesse get? As soon as Jesse left WWF, the WWF product turned to shit. Every Ventura Wrestle Mania was great.
  15. Outsider

    Jeff Learns Wrestling

    Thanks guys for the great show! This rumble was one of my earliest wrestling memories. I was pre-school age and my aunt was my babysitter and her oldest son(my cousin), was way older than me and he had VHS of this 88 Rumble, The Main Event (Hogan/Giant), and a Genuine DOUBLE-VHS of WrestleMania 4! Anyway I remember that stupid fan in the Rude vs. Steamboat match. Regardless of the mega phone fan, I LOVE THAT OPENING MATCH.
  16. Was the 2 cold scorpio video made in Milwaukee? Awesome show. I love this era of WCW
  17. Outsider

    Place to Be Podcast Thread

    Why does Honky Tonk get so much hate? I understand from kayfabe world you can hate the heels. But 30 years later you can't hate his WWF run. He was entertaining and had Iron Sheik heat. His in ring work is underrated as well. A lot of stalling in Savage HTM matches but the marks are eating every second of it! I have similar opinion on Beefcake. He was over, period. If you were born in the 80s then you were probably a fan. Okay thanks for the great shows. I look forward to every episode!
  18. There was no Barney in 87. But we did have USA EXPRESS EITHER BEFORE OR AFTER ALL AMERICAN WRESTLING ON SUNDAY MORNING. Falcon and Dog Wonder. This is years before Cartoon network. We also had MASK. Classic Hanna-Barbera reruns like the Harry Bear Bunch. Anyway thanks for all of the classic BTS episodes. December 23rd was my birthday and I was busy during these cold weeks but I appreciate every episode during those classic years. I'll call it the "pre-internet years."
  19. Outsider

    Who is the worst booker ever?

    ... (continued) I've heard Russo over the past few years and he isn't an evil person. But he doesn't belong behind the booking desk. Russo is too much of a "mark" and plays too many games.
  20. Outsider

    Who is the worst booker ever?

    That greasy rat Vin Russo was bad in terms of national hot-shotting. Just a glimpse of Miss Elizabeth on TV or WWF Magazine in the late 80s would exite me for weeks. Russo in the late 90s just gave in to every male weakness from ultra violence to porn to grotesque story lines. It's not about you Russo! This is a business! Just look at how orgasmic he was when he snatched the big gold belt. Can u imagine Roger Goodell dancing around drunk with Super Bowl Lombardi trophy? Even thieves like Boxings Don King had limits to his ego. Iv
  21. Outsider

    Bobby Heenan RIP

    They don't make them like Bobby Heenan anymore. So talented that if he had connections and so desired, he could have been a success in entertainment. I mean really just think about it. Who would out shine him. Imagine if he was on Saturday Night Live! He would be a great side kick to any Late Night Star. Bobby was a stand-up guy in every way. Always was true to his word. When everyone in AWA chased the money in New York, Bobby stayed to finish up the dates he was booked. Bobby was so creative and knew how to get the audience eating out of his hand. Bobby's talent should have been used to develop new ideas when his neck issues took him off the road.Atlanta gave him great offer and Vince should have been thankful for everything Bobby did for the company. God Bless the Heenan family.
  22. Do you guys notice the influence of Hulkamainia on the other promotions? With the "American Made" references in the promos and the Rock not Roll references.
  23. I enjoyed the audio to the TBS Wrestling Gala! I remember watching that like it was yesterday. I was so excited to see Andre on TBS, but also very sad to see his condition. At 9 and a half years old, I didn't recognize Barnett or Herd. I need to go re-watch the video. Bruno had his agenda, he should have helped Verne Gagne with their bland wrestling dreams. But of course by 92 there really was no AWA.
  24. Now that the Packers won their first game, I can relax and give my appreciation to Killer Kris and Bad News Bix. It's not the first time I thanked you for choosing these mystical years. '84 - 1994 Thanks again and have you ever thought of reviewing the audio of that St. Louis promoters associate. You probably mentioned something during Vince takeover. It's either St. Louis or Kansas City.
  25. Personally I liked the Papa Shango warrior feud. The thing that pissed me off as a kid was when warrior would disappear. When warrior's music hit at end of Wrestlemania 8 you have to admit that it was one of the most exciting moments ever. Warrior was gone for long time and returns looking awesome. If he stayed for mania 9. He should have done the job for Sid Justice. But sid was gone also. Sid should have been the next top guy in WWF at the time.