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  1. Outsider

    Place to Be Podcast Thread

    PTBN was the 1st podcast feed I got into, I would love some of the old voices to do some classic review shows, like pre-attitude era stuff. Where the big boys play was the 1st nwa/wcw supercard review show. Pre-wwe network. So it wasn't easy to watch most if these shows. I had a half-dozen on VHS. Anyway, good luck on the future of the podcast network. I've been a fan and I acknowledge you as the OG wrestling podcast players.
  2. Don't mean to ask random question. But...what happened to Parv? Where the big boys play podcast was 1st of its kind. 1st classic wresting pod I ever heard. And there were very few classic review pods, because it wasn't easy to find every Clash online. Even early 90s WCW PPVs were hard to find. I had SuperBrawl 2 from my hometown, but the quality was what u would expect from an old VHS. And the only current product I watched back then was the HOF ceremonies. I didn't start watching again until CM Punk was gone. Right when Danielson got hot. Anyway I hope everyone is well. Just wanted yall to know I appreciate the work you all put in the PTBN Shows. When u started, I listened to the shows on my iPod, now that seems crazy.
  3. Outsider

    All Elite Wrestling

    Lee Moriorty? Great in ring, but it means nothing if you don't have charisma. He's young so he has time. Anyway soneone mentioned loosely scripted. What do ppl love about WCW or classic wrestling from 80s? It's that feeling that anything can happen. Pre-WCW gets allot of shit...but I enjoy that feeling that anything might happen, Vader might lay-in to Flair at SuperBrawl and Flair had to fight back after Harley told Flair he was embarrassed his self. AEW is getting off track, and giving the wrong guys the push. MJF has his fans in the wrestling media types for various reasons, but he's not a star I'm my opinion. Maybe a glorified manager. The greatest heels took their losses to satisfy the fans. When they put him over every match It's simply stupid. It makes his opponents look weak. I hate it when these writers say he's an old school heel. Far from it. FTR gets it. They can lose matches, but never lose steam. Same with Baker. She lost the match that really made her. Don't know what is up with Tessa, but if she ran into the ring face to face with Britt, that would be "box-office." Inner Circle was the draw that got me to buy a ticket to Dynamite, and I hope Santana and Ortiz get their TV time. I love Dylan's son. I mean Luke perry's son, but LAX should have the straps before Dyno & Dylan Jr. Deeb is a great asset to the company because she can help the women's division.
  4. Outsider

    Discovered 100s of Classic Newsletters!

    I posted this? Where is the link? Lol. I remember the newsletters on my laptop. I think it was that Google drive collection.
  5. Outsider

    Dave Meltzer on...

    I listened and still listen to every WOR and Dave tends to get excited about something or someone in the moment. He often says "(insert name) is one of the top 2 or 3 greatest wrestlers in the world." I like his stuff on the details or historical knowledge on business side. You gotta take his opinions with grain of salt. Although his MMA opinions boggle my mind.
  6. Outsider

    The Best and the Worst or most overrated

    Let me know if I'm on the money. Or if I'm wrong about something. Thanks I appreciate it
  7. Best things from recent AEW is: Andrade - I wish he would do that promo where he told his manager " I am the boss." With his accent it gives me Narcos vibes. Darby - of course. Brit Baker - her confidence keeps growing. Reba is hilarious and Hayter my girl. Sabrina Deeb - best in ring talent, she needs to be making the big bucks to help train the current roster. Nick Jackson's new found confidence - I love the macho man strut. Never gets old. Dan Lambert- he gets it. I was big LAX fan so I still love Santana & Ortiz but they have not shined recently The acclaimed are great. Max has charisma and Bowens can work. Worst things and or most overrated: MJF - ok get heat, but nobody ever gets revenge. He's just an entitled chubby rich kid. His promos are waaay Overrated. Maybe the wrestling writers have something in common with him and can relate. And I get that. But he had 1 match that I enjoyed. The match vs. Sammy Guevara. His in-ring is mid. His promos are just him putting himself over which only works when u have years of talent to stand on. FTR & Wardlow are better without him. The heat he gets is Eva Marie heat. Dark order - I don't get it now that Huber is gone. RIP. Just bunch of nerds. I had hoped it was going somewhere, but now I wish they would keep it on Dark or BTE. Maybe #10 I think might have talent. Tony Khan needs to dump some of these bums. Anna and the Brazilian broad can get over without these jobronis. Nila rose - I just don't think she fits with this group of women. Maybe she can take Nia jaxx spot in WWE. To end on a good note, I forgot to mention Pentagon and Fenix. They were mega over at the couple shows I went to in Milwaukee and Chicago. The reason I might sound harsh on Dark order, is because when the show isţ not cool anymore, the ratings will tank. I loved nWo and went to Nitro because I thought Scott Hall and Hollywood Hogan were so bad ass and cool. But when they weren't on TV anymore, it was just wrestling. I know some ppl like just wrestling, but I love promos, because look what promos did for Austin and the Rock. They still are funny as heck. Inner Circle is 1st thing that grabbed me in the beginning, but the promos are getting cringey. Darby, Sammy, and Omega should talk little less because they are over, and some of their promos hurt them. This is just short list, of course Danielson is amazing. And mox and miro are proven.
  8. Hope Ed Farhat is represented in this book. I love me some juice!
  9. What's up Parv? You and Chad did wrestling podcasts before it was a thing. When u actually had to go to iTunes and download it. 

    I miss ur classic shows. When u reviewed WCW supercards, it wasn't easy to watch this stuff. This is pre network, and now in the US we are post network. I had SuperBrawl 2 and most of early 90s clash episodes,  but quality was not great. So I give u respect for your dedication to this crazy art of television wrestling. And of course your titans series with that crew. 


    I just checked in the forums to post about death of Paul Orndorff. 


  10. I've been listening to your podcasts since before u did BTS. BTS is second to none. The thing that I love is that it's wrestling,  no bullshit of your personal beliefs on politics or discussing ur personal lives. And when u do discuss personal matters,  it makes sense or it's something funny and it's brief. 

    I'd love to sit in on early 90s WCW segment sometime. Is it $50 patreon Donation, to sit in? I noticed u haven't touched much 1992 Rick Rude era. I love Rude and Duce, that segment where audience broads say they slept with Steamboat.  Then chick called the other accuser a Stupid Slut!

  11. Outsider

    R.I.P. Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff

    Gary Spivey One of my last memories of Paul's career. I remember hearing Hogan talking about how Orndorff was a bad ass from Tampa and Hogan was threatened by these types including Dr. D. tumblr_qjq6idZqSd1sj4xr4.mp4
  12. Outsider

    R.I.P. Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff

    Who had a better physique than Mr. Wonderful in WWF? Nobody. He was awesome. My favorite memories are the Hogan cage match on SNME. And I loved everything he did in WCW.
  13. Outsider

    AEW Dynamite - October 7, 2020

    Arn definitely helped put the dog collar match together. The blood looked fake but Tony Khan probably doesn't want ppl juicing too much. Cody looks awesome and Brody too. I really don't like matches between ppl who are major size differences like Brody vs Orange Cass. Just didn't work 4 me and they are both talented but with all of the huge talent, I want to see Wardlow, Hager, Brody, Cage, etc. Only negative I have is Big Swole. If she can't work a good match with the super talented Serena Deeb, then I think someone else should take her spot. Like Diamante or Alie. Alie was over huge in Impact a couple years ago. I don't know if she has an injury or something.
  14. Outsider

    The end of Dinner With The King

    I didn't know this about Lawler's character, but if u want laughs at Lawler's expense, YOU GOTTA WATCH: 'Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond'