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  1. Hope Ed Farhat is represented in this book. I love me some juice!
  2. What's up Parv? You and Chad did wrestling podcasts before it was a thing. When u actually had to go to iTunes and download it. 

    I miss ur classic shows. When u reviewed WCW supercards, it wasn't easy to watch this stuff. This is pre network, and now in the US we are post network. I had SuperBrawl 2 and most of early 90s clash episodes,  but quality was not great. So I give u respect for your dedication to this crazy art of television wrestling. And of course your titans series with that crew. 


    I just checked in the forums to post about death of Paul Orndorff. 


  3. I've been listening to your podcasts since before u did BTS. BTS is second to none. The thing that I love is that it's wrestling,  no bullshit of your personal beliefs on politics or discussing ur personal lives. And when u do discuss personal matters,  it makes sense or it's something funny and it's brief. 

    I'd love to sit in on early 90s WCW segment sometime. Is it $50 patreon Donation, to sit in? I noticed u haven't touched much 1992 Rick Rude era. I love Rude and Duce, that segment where audience broads say they slept with Steamboat.  Then chick called the other accuser a Stupid Slut!

  4. Outsider

    R.I.P. Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff

    Gary Spivey One of my last memories of Paul's career. I remember hearing Hogan talking about how Orndorff was a bad ass from Tampa and Hogan was threatened by these types including Dr. D. tumblr_qjq6idZqSd1sj4xr4.mp4
  5. Outsider

    R.I.P. Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff

    Who had a better physique than Mr. Wonderful in WWF? Nobody. He was awesome. My favorite memories are the Hogan cage match on SNME. And I loved everything he did in WCW.
  6. Outsider

    AEW Dynamite - October 7, 2020

    Arn definitely helped put the dog collar match together. The blood looked fake but Tony Khan probably doesn't want ppl juicing too much. Cody looks awesome and Brody too. I really don't like matches between ppl who are major size differences like Brody vs Orange Cass. Just didn't work 4 me and they are both talented but with all of the huge talent, I want to see Wardlow, Hager, Brody, Cage, etc. Only negative I have is Big Swole. If she can't work a good match with the super talented Serena Deeb, then I think someone else should take her spot. Like Diamante or Alie. Alie was over huge in Impact a couple years ago. I don't know if she has an injury or something.
  7. Outsider

    The end of Dinner With The King

    I didn't know this about Lawler's character, but if u want laughs at Lawler's expense, YOU GOTTA WATCH: 'Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond'
  8. Outsider

    Between the Sheets - Chronologically

    Best Podcast! Lots of impostors but bts is still #1
  9. Outsider

    Mania Week Insanity 2019

    My highlight...was "A Hunka, Hunka, Honky Love" baby!
  10. Outsider

    Ronnie Garvin

    The 1st time I saw Garvin was in WWF in '89. I was pretty young and after my mom ordered me a title belt from the catalog, they also sent that WWF 'PROGRAM' magazine and Garvin was on the cover. I think it was a great decision for Ronnie to go to New York in '89, because '89 is a year like no other. Almost Everyone from 1989 has transcended into a mega Super Star. Just look at the Brain Busters. Arn said he was way more over after his run in WWF. 89 is a special year. You got WM5. You got No Holds Barred, which my uncle took me to see. I was only 6 or 7. I think 89 was the peak of the Golden Era. RUGGED RONNIE GARVIN WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED FOR HIS VALENTINE FEUD. NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT WRESTLING CHAMPION
  11. Outsider

    All Elite Wrestling offically a thing

    Why is it so hard to get pro wrestling on a corporate cable channel? Personally, I think IMPACT is allot more entertaining than Raw. 3 fuggin hours of RAW is ridiculous. Use the last hour for classic programming. I think it would help promote the network. And why are promos so edited and written for everyone in WWE? Remember how much more interesting promos were when the talent had artistic freedom? 1 of the reasons that Nitro was so popular.
  12. I was looking everywhere for a Terry Funk avatar!

    You found a great photo of the Funkster.

  13. Outsider

    RIP "Mean" Gene Okerlund

    In the name of the Most High, May God accept Gene Okerlund's deeds and have mercy upon his soul. Mean Gene is a TV personality that I truly appreciated. I loved when he would say, "my long-time, close, personal, friend " or something similar. Gene was and will always be one of the few wrestling personalities that "everybody(over 25)" remembers. I spent the 1st week of The New Year at my mother's home and played the Sean Mooney podcast interview with Gene, for her before I left. The next time we spoke she told me how much she enjoyed it! And my mother is not a fan of pro wrestling. 1 thing that separates Gene from the rest, is his facial expressions. Especially his eyebrows and lips. RIP to my long-time, close, personal, friend.
  14. Post your favorite surprise moments that were planned but a shoot to some. Slamboree '95 - During the Lengendary Hall of fame inductions, Dusty was supposed to be last...until he said there is 1 more Hall of fame induction and it's going to Gordon Solie! Gordon's face is priceless. He had tears in his eyes. Randy Poffo looked great. INOKI IS THE MAN! CODY RHODES Holds dad's trophy. RIP Big John Studd whose son accepted for his father. Warrior running out at end of WM8 was favorite moment as a kid because warrior was off T.V. prior to that for long time. Not looking for botched moments or mistakes.