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[1988-03-27-NWA-Clash of the Champions I] Mike Rotunda vs Jimmy Garvin (Amateur Rules)

Superstar Sleeze

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NWA World TV Champion Mike Rotunda vs Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin - Clash of the Champions I Amateur Rules


The evil Kevin Sullivan has subverted the good All-American boys of Rotundo and Rick Steiner to give them the edge they need. Now that I understand the Varsity Club angle I love it! This played out in the December 1987 TV that led to the formation of the Varsity Club. I skipped ahead to Clash because I got impatient so I don't know the exact story what I know is Hayes left while Freebirds were vying for the tag belts and he was feuding with Flair (why he left for rinky dink World Class I don't know). So now Garvin and Sullivan have a Prince of Darkness match (blindfold) in April that was being hyped on TV. It was not stated on the 3/26 TV, but if I had to hazard a guess it would be Sullivan is lusting after Precious.


What makes this amateur rules is three, five-minute rounds and a one count garners a fall. Idea is to put Garvin at a disadvantage. I thought this was stellar and really well-worked. Little touches like Garvin always making sure to bump onto his back to avoid a flash pin. Rotundo lying on his back and Garvin hastily trying to cover him. Garvin is actually a pretty good mat worker and I really liked one of his singles matches with Kevin so I was not too surprised. He was really fiery. Rotundo was the consummate heel in this. Cocky doing jumping jacks. Pulling hair when he was at a disadvantage. Going to outside. Bumping stooging well. Psychology with one count was really excellent. Rotundo smacks Garvin hard in between rounds because he is a fucking dick. I love it! Match does not last too long into second round as Sullivan gets up on apron and this affords Rotundo to schoolboy Garvin and get the one count. Garvin lays out Rotundo with a brainbuster to get his heat back, good booking. Sullivan & Steiner try to beat down Garvin so Precious CRACKS Rick Steiner in the back with a 2x4 and then CHOKES SULLIVAN OUT WITH A CLOTHES HANGER!!! I was marking out hard for that!


I thought this whole thing was fabulous! Excellent psychology super energetic, Rotundo is a total scuzzball heel and Precious killed it in the post-match. Match should be talked about way more! ***3/4

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The amateur rules stipulation gave this one an interesting dynamic. Rotunda isn't the most charismatic man in the world, but he's great an implementing subtle heel characteristics into his performance. They go to the end of the first round, and Rotunda sneaks in a not-so-subtle stomp after the bell rings. Rotunda ends up sneaking the win in the second round after Garvin is distracted by Kevin Sullivan, who starts to mess with Garvin's valet. The post match stuff is fun, possibly more enjoyable than the match itself. We see Rick Steiner run in in an attempt to take out Garvin, but Precious whacks him a 2x4, Jim Duggan style! Fun opener with a super hot crowd. 


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