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[2000-01-28-ECW-Fort Lauderdale, FL] Dusty Rhodes & Tommy Dreamer vs Steve Corino & Rhino


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Dusty is still the man. He gets a huge pop coming out with the hometown fans rallying him on. They really milked the opening of this with Corino doing a long but effective promo that really makes you want to see some interaction. The match was a plunder brawl but a ton of fun full of nostalgia when Dusty mixed it up. I did like certain things like him not being able to out power Rhino at points and also Dusty missing an elbow drop when the finish seemed apparent. Eventually, he is able to pin Corino to the delight of the fan. ***


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I really liked how they built this match around Dusty and let him really be the star of this, not that the fans would have given him much choice. But they aren't really doing a typical ECW match so much as a typical Dusty match. I loved the stereo figure fours at the beginning. At first, I hated Francine figure-fouring Corino, but then I realized it would be a major stretch for her to do that to Jack Victory. Give them credit for protecting Rhino in how this was put together too. The ten punches in the corner, stalling at the beginning, triple stereo figure fours and the match being structured in a way to make the people happy makes this a real winner. Really good. ***

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Rhino and Dreamer are about to get us underway when Corino insists that Rhino tags him in. Rhino obliges and Corino gets hold of the mic. He tells Dreamer how they’ve been through this many times and no-one here wants to see him destroy him once again. Since last week his man Rhino singlehandedly destroyed him, he wants him to turn around and tag in that fat, old, pathetic piece of garbage, because tonight is his night! The crowd are chanting the Dream’s name and Dreamer makes the tag. Dusty sticks out his chin and offers Corino the first shot, but instead of drilling him slaps on a side headlock. The Dream shoots him into the ropes, threatens the Bionic Elbow, Corino holds on and he wants out already. Rhino is in and Dreamer doesn’t think its right that the Dream should have to take him on but Dusty’s game. The Dream with a double leg takedown and a Figure Four. Jack Victory is in to try and break the hold, but Dremer cuts him off and puts him in the Figure Four. As Corino is measuring Dusty readying to drop an elbow, Francine with the Figure Four on him (and she applies it better than the men!). Corino, Rhino and Victory head to the outside for a conflab, but Dusty and Dreamer are not far behind. The two pair off with Feinstein following Dusty and Corino who brawl up onto the stage where the entrance is, and with the Dream busting ‘The King of Old School’ open. Dusty whips him into the barricades and hits him over the head with a plastic chair before throwing him back in the ring. Double back elbow and Dreamer with a big elbow. He hurls Corino to the floor but is attacked from behind by Rhino who lifts him up and crotches him on the guard rail. Rhino puts the boots to Tommy and shoulder charges him in the corner. He wants to tag in Corino, however he points to his bloodied forehead and motions that he’s not up to it and for Rhino to continue the beating. Splash off the top for two. Rhino heads up again but this time Dreamer is able to fall into the ropes and he loses his balance. Superplex and Dreamer gets the tag to the Dream. Dusty starts peppering Corino and all four men are in the ring. Stereo punches in the corner. Dusty and Dreamer go to whip their opponents into one another, Corino reverses and Rhino gores Tommy. Bionic Elbow to Corino, bodyslam on Rhino and the Dream misses the big elbow. A clothesline fells Dusty, Rhino goes to piledrive him while at the same time Corino has climbed the turnbuckles. Dreamer with a steel chair across the back puts a stop to that followed by two shots to the head. Dusty slams Corino to the canvas and drops the elbow for the win.


Enjoyed this one far more than I expected. This was being recorded for TV so I imagine it played even better on TV with some commentary and without RF’s shaky handiwork. The crowd was pumped for anything involving the Dream, and I liked the way how the match was structured so his interactions with Rhino were minimal. Whilst you have no trouble believing that he can still handle Corino, it’s a touch far fetched to believe that he could get the better of Rhino. Great stooging from Corino on the outside when he wanted Rhino to continue the beatdown on Dreamer and loved that Irish whip reversal where Rhino ended up goring Dreamer. Nice touch with Rhino moving out the way of the big elbow too, just to reiterate the fact that he’s a bit too much for the Dream.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-01-28-ECW-Fort Lauderdale, FL] Dusty Rhodes & Tommy Dreamer vs Steve Corino & Rhino

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