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[2000-01-29-ECW-Orlando, FL] Rhino vs Rob Van Dam


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Gertner grabs the mic and has some puns on Orlando's theme parks. Rhino and company come out and Joel gets a gore for his trouble. RVD gets called out and here he comes. This may be the show that has turned me off of the fancams. I had enjoyed them for the most part up to this point and the 1/28 show was really good but this one was uneven and just felt thrown together. Fonzie legit crowd surfs when they get rid of him. Rhino is on top for parts of this match but he hooks on a half crab for no reason and these two really don't have any chemistry together as workers. Corino tries to use a chair but RVD uses it. 5 star frog splash. Thanks for coming. This was BADDDD. *1/2

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Not a good match, but pretty significant, as ECW's plans for the year sort of blew up in their face, as RVD broke his leg and ended up sidelined for most of the rest of ECW's existence. He had one more match, probably because he was unaware of the severity of the break, and then he's out for several months. Not a good match, but quite the fly in ECW's ointment.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-01-29-ECW-Orlando, FL] Rhino vs Rob Van Dam

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