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[2000-02-13-ECW-Hardcore TV] Tommy Dreamer & Dusty Rhodes vs Steve Corino & Jack Victory


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Gertner does his usual spiel. I again really loved Corino’s promo here. Different from a few nights before as he doesn’t rail against the crowd but gives an intense warning to his opponents as he calls them out. Dusty chants fire up as he makes his entrance and the brawl starts. Brawl to the outside with the crowd heat well but nothing much of note. Traditional tag match portion is fairly short and simple with Dreamer getting worked over, Dusty getting his hot tag and them running through the finish with stereo elbow drops for the pin. Rhino immediately attacks after the bell until Sandman makes the save to a HUGE pop. Finish was great ECW with Sandman getting the heroes welcome but the match proper was a step behind the previous effort we saw from these four. **3/4

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Corino calling Dusty 162 years old cracked me up. A step below the big house show match, but a fun TV affair. Call it the radio edit to the fancam's album version, cleaned up with better production. The match isn't quite as good or satisfying, but had I not seen that, I probably would have enjoyed this way more. Without the point of comparison, this is fun stuff. I do like how they are building up Rhino. He would have been ideal to build up as the first major opponent once they paid off the RVD title chase if they hadn't already run that match. Sandman makes the save to a huge pop, but I really wish they would have found a way to move on from him and Dreamer by this time.

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Corino says how one week ago in Fort Lauderdale he suffered the worst humiliation of his life; the 162 year old Dusty Rhodes beat his rear end, but tonights he’s going to get some revenge. Victory and Corino attack Dusty and Dreamer as soon as they step through the ropes and they quickly pair off, although surprisingly it’s Corino and Dreamer as opposed to Corino and Dusty. The ‘Dreamer walk’ as they head to the back of the building, and the camerawork really sucks here. Dreamer with a trash can to the back of Corino, and he then throws him into the metal pull down of the canteen hatch. Now it’s the walk back while Dusty and Victory are also fighting in the crowd. Jacko is busted open by now and the Dream gets in some shots on Corino too. Tommy sets up a ladder across the middle turnbuckle and he and Dusty whip Victory into it. Dreamer goes to do the same to Corino, however he reverses the Irish whip and then nails him with a superkick. He teases he’s going to hit him over the head with the ladder, only to throw it out the ring instead. A pair of back elbows as Corino and Victory continue to work him over. Jacko lays the ladder across the top turnbuckle, tags in his partner and the same electric chair spot with Dreamer planting Corino face first into it. Hot tag to the Dream and all four men are in the ring. Stereo DDTs, stereo big elbow drops and Corino and Dusty get the win. Rhino attacks the Dream after the match and Corino puts the figure four on him until Sandman (in no hurry as usual!) makes the save laying everyone out with the Singapore cane.


This was strange as about two-thirds of the way through it suddenly turned into a regulation tag match with one man of each team on the apron, after seemingly being ‘anything goes’ up until then. The Dreamer brawling into the crowd was the same ‘walking’ that he does every match and something that I’m getting tired of. The electric chair spot hasn’t looked right whenever I’ve seen them do it (and this is the third time), which I think is purely down to the fact that Corino has never done a moonsault so it’s just a sign that Dreamer is going to get back into things. Cool little double elbow drop finish, although poor camerawork at times, which for once I can’t blame on RF! Average match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-13-ECW-Hardcore TV] Tommy Dreamer & Dusty Rhodes vs Steve Corino & Jack Victory

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