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[1975-03-13-AJPW] Giant Baba & Jumbo Tsuruta vs Terry Funk & Dory Funk Jr


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A very fast paced big match. So fast paced that it almost feels rushed at times. First fall had some nice armlocks, mostly carried by Terry Funk being really great at making even a basic arm hold seem meaningful. He always adds so much urgency to his wrestling - and Terry was pretty on point here in general, throwing punches and doing his ridiculous selling including at one point being draped upside down over the announcers table. He added some much needed drama to the match with his in-peril selling, on the other hand Jumbo and Baba barely seemed to be in trouble. They use tag psychology and double team moves in pretty clever ways building the bout nicely with bomb throwing, toe-to-toe strike exchanges and character work. I don't find Baba to be a very exciting worker - yes I know we are supposed to look at him and remark how smart he is, but his matches always go back to him hitting his signature moves. Dory is mechanically sound, but I was glad his role in the match was limited. At one point, Jumbo grabbed him and launched him in the air with this awesome deadlift suplex, but seconds later Dory was back on offense. Dory really lacks some of the things Terry has to an obscene degree, while Terry is the complete package. Finish was funny in the way life will sometimes leave you on your back and we can all feel on bord with Terry's reaction to it. Good match and a piece in japanese wrestling history as the tag psychology here felt like the same that was at work in all those great 90s tags.

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Once again, this is for the NWA International Tag Team Titles. Baba and Jumbo are the champs. We are in Tokyo.


Dory and Jumbo start the match, collar and elbow tie up. Dory can't get control, so he quickly tags his brother. Terry and Jumbo engage in a test of strength, gets Jumbo to his knees. Jumbo back up with an arm wringer and takes Terry down with a hammerlock. Dory back in, Jumbo controlling him with arm and shoulder locks. Funks regain control, Terry comes off the second rope with an elbow smash to Jumbo's left arm. Giant Baba finally tags in for the first time, Jumbo comes off the top rope with an elbow to Terry's shoulder. Jumbo big uppercut to Terry's jaw. Terry's hits some nasty 12-6 elbows to Jumbo's back and neck. Baba goes up to the top rope!!! And just kinda steps down towards Terry... Baba controlling Terry's arm. Jumbo comes in and yanks Terry's arm so hard that he lifts him off the mat, twice from a standing position. Dory finally tags back in, nails Jumbo with some uppercuts, and a strange looking splash to Jumbo's back. He tosses Jumbo to the outside and Terry piledrives him on the floor!!! Jumbo rolls back in, Dory nails him with some elbows, gives him a bodyslam and drops an elbow for the pin at 12:16 (complete).


Second Fall--- Jumbo is still selling his neck from the piledriver. Dory hits him with 3 big uppercuts in the corner, drops a knee on Jumbo's face...Terry tags in, the Funks whip Jumbo to the ropes and hit him with a double standing elbow smash. Terry legdrops Jumbo. some punches to the face and chops are exchanged. Baba tags in, Terry swinging wildly and missing. Big boot to the face and Baba hits a swinging neckbreaker, Dory makes the save with a knee to Baba's back. Terry knocks himself silly with a headbutt to the big man. Jumbo quick tag, hits Terry with some elbows to the face, hits the flying kneelift on Terry. Immediately tags Baba, who hits the boot to the face for the pin at 3:13!!!


Third Fall-- Terry and Baba start off, Baba hits Terry with some overhead chops. Jumbo tags in with some uppercuts, into a perfect double underhook suplex. Terry recovers and hits one of his own!!! Dory comes in and exchanges elbows and hammer fists with Jumbo in the corner. Jumbo takes Dory up for a high vaulting overhead belly to belly suplex. Terry makes the save, Jumbo misses a dropkick. The Funks hit a double atomic drop on Jumbo. Dory hooks the abdominal stretch on Jumbo, Baba breaks it with some chops to Dory's chest. Baba slams Dory and boots him in the face. Abdominal stretch by Baba. Terry makes the save, Jumbo runs in. Dory backdrop suplexes Baba. Terry throws Jumbo to the outside. The Funks pick up Baba for a double team suplex. Jumbo and Dory exchanging chops. Dory brainbusters Jumbo, but Baba trips him and Jumbo falls on top for the pin at 5:23. Terry is furious and tries to suplex the referee afterwards!!! The Destroyer runs in and makes the save from ringside.


The match was shown in its entirety, which is always a big plus for me. I was expecting better overall, but the third fall was great. i will give it 3 1/2 ***

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  • GSR changed the title to [1975-03-13-AJPW] Giant Baba & Jumbo Tsuruta vs Terry Funk & Dory Funk Jr

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