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[2000-02-19-IPW] Barry Horowitz vs Marty Jannetty


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I was really looking forward to this after last night’s matches. The camera work is pretty bad which holds this back but from what we do see, this looks like another strong Barry performance. He works over the leg this time and again finds a variety of ways to fill the time. The match goes to the outside right as Marty makes his comeback and the camera work gets essentially unwatchable. I suppose a double countout happened. Marty sells the leg work like a champ and limps to the back before getting attacked by Barry again. ***

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It sounded like Horowitz got a better reaction than Janetty here. No long write up for this one as it’s a tricky watch for a number of reasons. Firstly the videotape looks as though it’s been chewed at numerous points, the footage is often out of focus, and the guy filming appears to be sat in the back row of the audience. As a result of him being sat down, whenever action is taking place on the canvas we can’t see it, whilst there is also a constant steady stream of people walking infront of the camera obstructing the view. Basic gist of the match is Horowitz using a wide variety of offense and attacks to work on Janetty’s leg. Just like last night he gets the crowd to turn on him with them chanting ‘Barry Sucks’ by the end of things, this after getting a bigger cheer than Marty at the onset. End result is a double countout with both men fighting on the outside. Great little bit right at the end as Horowitz has already headed to the back, the official is helping Marty and then Horowitz reappears through the curtain to clock him. If we could’ve actually seen everything that went on here every chance I’d rate it higher than the Montoya match, but it’ll probably be midway for the month due to the reasons outlined.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-19-IPW] Barry Horowitz vs Marty Jannetty

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