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[2017-01-27-EVOLVE 76] Chris Hero vs Keith Lee


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Two big boys going at it. Hero is the best wrestler in the world, he had an insanely good 2016, so I was really looking forward to this - and it did disappoint. My first time seeing Keith Lee in singles action, and he looked good here. His offense looked damn good, loved those chops. The ropes breaking did not derail the match at all really, which was pretty awesome considering that it could've ruined the entire match - but Hero & Lee were out there to put on a banger, and they sure did. Very enjoyable. ***3/4

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This sounds much closer to my opinion of this match than most reviews I read. I thought these guys did one hell of a job adapting and most likely turning in a more focused and meaningful performance as a result of the circumstances. When they stood toe to toe my first thought was "I hope they just beat the hell out of each other" and because of the ropes they pretty much had to do just that. The second rope break probably didn't do the match any favors but on a whole I thought this was brutal, gritty, and engaging. Also worth noting that Leonard did a great job on commentary (besides his strange emphasis on Lee trying to break out as a singles wrestler for the first time) and the match was shot beautifully.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-01-27-EVOLVE 76] Chris Hero vs Keith Lee

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