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[2017-01-15-Stardom] Io Shirai vs Viper


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This is a rematch of their first title match in February of last year. The big difference here is that Io is now a heel leading her Queen's Quest group, but other than using some rough tactics in the first half of the match it doesn't change up the dynamic between the two of them. In the end, it's still the ace champion trying to find a way to get the win over the monster challenger. Technically, I thought that the work in this match was better than their first title match together. Viper especially, looked much better hitting some nice, squishy, big girl offense plus doing a good job of selling throughout. This match does lack the strong narrative that their first match had as you have already seen Io beat Viper so there is less intrigue as to how Io is going to pull out the win. Still, the finish run is impressive especially the suplexes that Io is able to pull off on Viper which makes it this a match worth checking out. ***1/2

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Their match from last year is, so far, the best Stardom match I've seen. While this was not on that level, it was still absolutely fantastic - truly love the David vs. Goliath dynamic these two bring against each other. I don't know how she is in general, but in these 2 matches vs. Io, Viper has been FANTASTIC as the bigger woman dominating the champ w/ her size. Io was simply fantastic as the defending champ looking to be in trouble, her character work as the proud, cocky ace was great. Her offense, as usual, looked really great, loved every single one of her comebacks & the way they built into the finish w/ her German Suplexing Viper was terrific. ****1/4

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