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  1. Noah Mark

    AstroBoy's 2019 MOTY tracker

    Dragon Lee vs Cavernario-CMLL 1/4/19. The 1st 2 falls were not good, however the 3rd they both turned it up and burned the house down. Lots of nice near falls and both men hitting all their big moves. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kenny Omega-NJPW 1/4/19 What can I say about this match. A pure classic! Nothing else to say about it.
  2. Which show was that match on? It wasn't on the New Years show.
  3. Noah Mark

    Southwest Championship Wrestling - Best of?

    That was Steve Stack and Repeato.
  4. Noah Mark

    Southwest Championship Wrestling - Best of?

    Good promotion. It was pretty much dominated by Jonathon Boyd & the Sheepherders and Eric Embry and Bruiser Bob Sweetan. A lot of guys came through the territory such as Scott Casey, Manny Fernandez, Killer Brooks, Kevin Sullivan. They even had a working agreement with Georgia Championship Wrestling. Tommy Rich and Buzz Sawyer had a few matches at the Hemisphere Areana.
  5. Noah Mark

    Match of the Year 2018 Yes/No Thread

    Here are nominations and votes: New Japan Pro Wrestling Hirooki Goto vs Minoru Suzuki-1/4/18 Yes Marty Scurll vs Will Ospreay vs Kushida vs Hiromu Takahashi-1/4/18 Yes CMLL Volador Jr/Cavernario vs Ultimo Guerrero/Valiente-1/6/18 Yes Big Japan Wrestling Masashi Takeda vs Takumi Tsukamoto-1/2/18
  6. I was just wondering if we could get a Match of the Year 2018 Yes/No thread started. I've seen some really matches so far this year.
  7. Noah Mark

    Current Joshi Talk

    Does anybody know where I can find uploads of the following matches please: Io Shirai vs Viper Io Shirai vs Shayna Bazler Kairi Hojo vs Nixon Newell I normally use Joshi City as my site to watch from however the guy didn't upload them since they are on Stardom World. I've also scoured the internet and cannot find them.
  8. Noah Mark

    2017 MOTY Yes/No Thread

    Voting: Hiromu Takahashi vs Dragon Lee-2/11/17 YES. I thought this was the best match of their series the last few years and better than the Takahashi/Kushido match. Takahashi has a cool finisher.
  9. Noah Mark

    [2017-01-15-Stardom] Io Shirai vs Viper

    Does anybody have link to this match.
  10. Noah Mark

    [2017-01-29-Stardom] Kairi Hojo vs Nixon Newell

    Does anybody have a link to this match.
  11. Noah Mark

    2017 MOTY Yes/No Thread

    Voting: Kazuchika Okada vs Minoru Suzuki-NJPW 2/5/17 YES! Match was great. Some nice transitions with Suzuki working the leg. Okada had a good comeback. I thought this was better than the Okada/Omega match. Golden Magic vs Pirata Morgan Jr-YES. Really good. A strong IWRG match of the year candidate. Golden Magic had some cool spots.
  12. Noah Mark

    2017 MOTY Yes/No Thread

    Nominating: Zack Sabre Jr vs Marty Scurll-Rev Pro 1/21/17. This was a classic! Just great stuff between the two, and great chemistry. ZSJ can pull out a submission and no time and then transition right into another one. Just beautiful. I'm really surprised this didn't a nomination when Shibata/Riddle did. Voting: Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega-NJPW 14/17 YES!. I actually rewatched it a second time and loved it. The best performance from Omega and possibley Okada as well. Voting: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Bobby Roode-YES I really like it. Nak landed some beautiful boma ye's and Roode hung in there with him. I personally liked the finish. It proctected Nak.
  13. Noah Mark

    2017 MOTY Yes/No Thread

    Nominating: Elimination Chamber Match-John Cena vs AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt vs Baron Corbin vs Miz 2/12/17. Just a great match. I thought Baron Corbin came out looking strong. Cena had great moments with AJ. AJ & Wyatt also had great moments.
  14. Noah Mark

    2017 MOTY Yes/No Thread

    Voting:: Imposible vs Relampago. Yes. A fantastic match and right now my favorite IWRG match. Relampago busted out some cool submissions. Didn't care for much of the brawling all over the arena but once they got back in the ring it picked up.
  15. Noah Mark

    2017 MOTY Yes/No Thread

    Nominating: Travis Banks vs Zack Sabre Jr-WCPW 1/6/17. Really good. Banks really amazed me in this match. Some goods spots by both. Sabre can just pull out a submission at any point during the match. Just amazing. Marty Scurll vs El Ligero vs Gabriel Kidd-WCPW 1/6/17. For me it was really well worked. Scurll plays a great heel. Kidd pulled out a really good performance. He has that underdog heat from the crowd. This is the best that I've seen Ligero look.