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[2000-02-24-WWF-Smackdown] The Rock & Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle & Big Show


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Really good promo by Show as he has the evidence that Rock’s feet touched first at the Royal Rumble. I like heels that have a legit reason for their actions and this is about as concrete as you can get. Angle comes out to a ton of heat. He sides with Show. Jericho interrupts them and now is a full fledged babyface with chyna by his side. Rock decides to join us and became Jericho’s partner and we have a really cool and fresh looking tag match for tonight. Match isn’t much but quick action all around and sets up the PPV well. Everyone of these four men look like they could have an engaging feud with each other. Finish is especially well done with Show throwing Rock through a window with HHH and Steph giving him a thumbs up before loading the DX Express. Cactus is in a small cage being dragged behind the bus. The NO Way Out analogies are put over again. **1/2

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Big Show is trying to cut a heel promo about how The Rock robbed him at the Royal Rumble, but seems kind of charming to me, and Rock admitted he was right about the Rumble 16 years later where he was vindicated. Kurt Angle is out to shake his hand and makes me laugh in doing so and shames the people for booing them both. A series of interruptions commences to set up the tag match for later tonight. EVERYONE is so over -- Rock, Jericho, Angle. Show is the least over guy and he's really over too. I agree this match wasn't much, but it was heated and fast-paced (honestly way too fast-paced), and it was good to see Jericho and Angle team with the top guys to give them credibility. Not sure Chyna needed to be a part of the finish, but I guess there was no one in this they wanted doing a job. You watch this and realize Jericho really did improve quite a bit as a worker in the coming years. The post-match angle with Foley being dragged in the DX Express is typically over the top Attitude crap but they've already hyped the match and are just filling time until Sunday.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-24-WWF-Smackdown] The Rock & Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle & Big Show

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