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[2000-02-26-WCW-Worldwide] 3 Count (Shannon Moore & Shane Helms) vs Jamie Howard & Yun Yang


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Jaime Howard? So begins one of the feuds that will really get a lot of play in the dying days of WCW. This was a fun start with good energy and action throughout. Both Yang and Noble are put over as upstarts and show good speed and power and I continue to appreciate how 3 Count can work together with misdirection to win the match. The Shane Helms frog splash looks good to finish things off. Excited to see this whole series play out. **1/2

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Jamie Noble ... well, Howard ... is here! Mike Tenay's story, if true, of being at an autograph signing with the Nitro Girls and getting lectured by a fan for not giving 3 Count their due is amazing. Yang and Howard don't have the Jung Dragons gimmick yet, but the in-ring chemistry is there with 3 Count even here. I too am looking forward to this whole series! One of the very few bright spots in 2000 WCW.

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Just as 3 Count are about to sing, Howard and Yang’s music plays so luckily we don’t get to hear them! Lovely Northern Lights suplex from Howard on Moore. Dropkick leg drop combination from the future Jung Dragons for a two. Yang with a suplex into a neckbreaker for another two. Moore reverses an Irish whip and Helms clubs Howard in the back of the head to slow him down. Gutwrench suplex and a backbreaker. Shane with a bodyslam and he then hiptosses Shannon onto Howard. Helms with a sunset flip off the top and Howard kicks out. Double springboard moonsault from Shannon and they’re still not able to put him away. Howard reverses a hiptoss into a neckbreaker and he’s able to tag in Yang. All four men are in the ring and Helms tosses Howard over the top rope to the outside (the camera is on the opposite side of the ring but it looks like he takes a great bump to the floor). 3 Count then uses the York & Matthews finisher (Frankensteiner off the top/frog splash) for the win.


Good match and looking forward to seeing these teams being given longer. Shane Helms continues to impress and Shannon Moore looked good here too. Really enjoyed what I saw from Jamie Howard (both on top and underneath), and while Yun Yang is not as polished, you can see the potential. Promising stuff indeed.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-26-WCW-Worldwide] 3 Count (Shannon Moore & Shane Helms) vs Jamie Howard & Yun Yang

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