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[2000-02-28-WWF-Raw] Kurt Angle vs Rikishi


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This is a result of Angle issuing an open challenge, which he calls an Olympic challenge. Rikishi is still selling the injured knee. I'm a sucker for injuries sold over multiple matches. Angle goes all over the place selling for the stinkface, to the point he bails and gets himself intentionally counted out pretty quickly. When he tries to bail, Jericho stops him and tosses him back in, where he eats a Rikishi Driver and is about to eat a Bansai Drop until the Radicalz hit the ring before 2 Cool makes the save. Fun post-match moment when Jericho and Chyna join Rikishi and 2 Cool in their dance. While the match wasn't much, everything outside the match is kinda everything I wish this company was all the time -- cool mish-mashing of talent, feelgood moments and stars on the rise as far as the eyes can see.

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Angle challenges anyone to come out and take the Olympic challenge. Rikishi comes out to a big pop and this was a great way of having these guys mix it up. The match was really more of an angle as Rikishi cleans house and Angle hightails it earning the countout. Jericho and Chyna come out to send Angle back in but the Radicalz come out and we have a little scuffle before Too Cool, Rikishi, Jericho, and Chyna all dance. Pretty fun moment. *1/4

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Angle with an open challenge to anyone in the dressing room to come out and face him for his European title. Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross speculate that Chris Jericho will answer after losing his IC title to him, when Rikishi’s music plays to everyone’s surprise. A series of rights from Rikishi floors Angle and he follows up with a legdrop. Angle backs off before clipping his opponents injured knee. He runs the ropes but gets caught with a Samoan drop. ‘Stink face’ and Angle rolls out the ring, collects his two belts and a microphone and heads up the ramp as Teddy Long counts him out. After the bell rings Angle says that the people came to see a wrestling macth and not Rikishi’s butt in his face! Chris Jericho heads out with Chyna and Angle is trapped between the three of them. Jericho thinks everyone would like to see him get the ‘stink face’ one more time and throws him back in the ring. Rikishi Driver, Bonzai splash, but before he can deliver a second ‘stink face’, the Radicalz are out to attack him. Chyna and Jericho also get jumped, Too Cool make the save and the five of them clear the ring and end up dancing together.


Falls into the ‘more angle than match’ category, but this was fun. Chyna and Jericho especially seemed to be enjoying themselves dancing with Rikishi and Too Cool.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-28-WWF-Raw] Kurt Angle vs Rikishi

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