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[1985-01-07-UWF] Super Tiger vs Akira Maeda

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Super Tiger vs Akira Maeda - UWF 1/7/85


I just found out that the Original UWF was Sayama's promotion not Maeda's. It now all makes sense why Sayama has not jobbed once! I checked Cagematch and through this match Super Tiger does not lose. I will say I have greatly enjoyed him in this run in UWF. He has such a beautiful kicks. I don't think I have seen someone kick as gracefully and as forcefully as Super Tiger. It is such a diverse array of kicks too that makes it special. He really tags Maeda with a couple great roundhouse kicks to the midsection. I have to say I thought this was a better Maeda still not great, but his strategy was smart. He let Tiger come to him. Tiger is going for these home run kicks and it leaves him. It was great counterwrestling. Maeda was able to throw him to the ground multiple times at the beginning. Maeda is boring as piss on the ground, but at least he was trying different submissions. After about 8 minutes of getting thwarted, Super Tiger finally nails Maeda with a nasty kick and hits his famous kneedrop to head, but misses the kneedrop from the middle rope. I thought Tiger was not as great as in the Fujiwara matches with his verbal selling. In addition, I thought his strategy here was not smart. He would get advantage and then squandered it on the mat by grabbing a hold where Maeda's superior strength and technique could reign supreme. At some point, UWF got rid of pinfalls because Maeda has Tiger's shoulder pinned for like a good minute in a double wristlock. There is a really boring stretch of Maeda submission work on Super Tiger, lots of lying on him. Tiger wriggles out of a Maeda submission attempt and gets a single leg crab. It is actually really good and deep. The finish stretch is wicked hot.


Super Tiger just starts rifling Maeda in the head with kicks after a rope break on the single leg crab. Maeda is able to stand up and kick out Tiger's plant leg!!! WOW!!! He finally gives Tiger a taste of his own medicine with kicks to the head. Tiger grabs a hold of the kicks out Maeda's leg. Battle of palm strikes and Tiger slaps the taste out of his mount. Tiger wins with a headscissors choke. For another win for the ace of UWF.


Super Tiger was like the original Royce Gracie. Nothing too special. Tiger's offense looked amazing and Maeda wrestled a smart, but boring match. The finish stretch was great, but too little too late to call this a classic. ***1/2






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An improvement over their september match which retains pretty much all of its strengths and sees its flaws subside. The matwork is better, as the holds are more varied and there is a bigger focus on acquiring positioning, properly defending and adjusting instead of just going "let's grab an armbar again and we'll work from there". Here Maeda doesn't just do nice slams, but actively tries to counter Sayama's kicks and drag him to the ground. The sequences in which they're desperately trying to get on top rule. The stand up sequences are even more violent than before, with nasty slaps, soccer kicks and elbow drops (which I don't remember seeing look this good outside of a Johnny Valentine match JIP) added to the mix. Really, if there was just a bigger sense of danger on the mat, this could've been so much more than a great match. But you'd have something amazing happen and the follow up would be a crowd killing half crab, and so on it went. ****

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