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[2000-03-27-WWF-Raw] The Rock & Vince McMahon vs Big Show & Shane McMahon


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It says it all that Jim Ross starts the show by hyping that "all four McMahons are here!" and Lawler calls them "the most dysfunctional family on TV". I don't know if this was for sure the earliest sign of the McMahons being on TV to get themselves over instead of to get talent over, but it's definitely an early sign of a lot of the problems that still plague them today. Linda McMahon having an instrumental version of the mid-90s Wrestlemania theme as entrance music will never not be hilarious to me. We get lotttttssss of McMahon family drama when that was still relatively novel. The heat for Foley and especially Rock running in toward the end of the segment is out of this world.


For the match, HHH is the outside referee and Foley is an inside referee. Shane bronco busters his dad in a pretty funny heel spot. Sports entertainment galore with family feuding, an insane crowd at a level I can't even describe and an amazing finishing sequence. We get some extra footage after the show goes off the air, which is ALWAYS fun, of Vince, Rock and Foley all doing people's elbows on Shane! Rock cuts a promo and we're about. What a once in a generation star. **1/2 for the match but an extra 1/2* for the heat puts it at ***.

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Long promo to start here and this segment overall is around half of the total air time of the typical episode of Raw. In a sign of 2000 mentality when Steph comes out we zoom right in on a SLUT sign in the audience. Vince is going to take her to the woodshed to a big pop and oh hell yeah from Ross until HHH intervenes. Shane comes out also and goes on a winded journey that leads to him attacking Vince and setting up the main event. The match proper was fine and involved all of the Mania principles but also had some wacky stuff going on like Foley and HHH standing side by side as refereess. Vince and Shane really went after each other and they do have shockingly decent chemistry that would carry out over the years and forgives a lot of their limitations in the ring. This was an effective final hype job for Mania overall. **3/4

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