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[2000-03-29-WCW-Thunder] Buff Bagwell vs La Parka


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Despite dwarfing him in track record, crowd reaction, charisma and in-ring ability, WCW saw La Parka as someone with less star potential than Buff Bagwell because it was a company run by racists and fools. That aside, the pre-match angle is laugh out loud funny, with La Parka doing his normal promo where someone else is talking for him and saying all kinds of trash about Bagwell while La Parka holds up signs that say "I'm not really saying this" and "Sorry" and acts scared to death. Match is ok, but pre-match stuff from La Parka is gold, and totally the highlight of this.

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Promo stuff by Parka is funny. Heenan predicting his double cross was cute too. Buff has regressed as a worker even from 1991 and 1992 when he debuted in the promotion. The match was pretty dreadful and Buff winning is one of those decisions that makes you contemplate whether WCW listens to the remaining crowd that is there at all. *

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Parka is doing the lip synching again. Funny stuff with him handing the microphone back to Dave Penzer but the voice hadn’t finished talking yet. The voice then calls Buff ‘pretty boy’ and says how he’s going to knock that George Clooney haircut off his greasy head and kick his jacked up ass! As the voice is saying this, Parka pulls out a sign saying ‘he’s sorry’ and ‘he’s not really saying this’. He’s on his knees trying to apologize, Buff offers the hand, they hug it out, then Parka cheap shots him! He puts the boots to Bagwell, whip to the corner, Parka charges but Buff moves out the way. Big backdrop, clothesline and a spinning neckbreaker. Parka with a low blow and he chokes Buff over the middle ropes. Bagwell ducks a clothesline and a double arm DDT. Sunset flip for a two. Parka with an enziguiri and a two of his own. He blows the split legged moonsault but is still able to get a near fall. Parka misses the twisting senton off the middle and Buff unloads with some rights. Parka reverses a whip to the corner, Buff with a back elbow and the ‘Blockbuster’ for the win.


Nothing match and it was all downhill after La Parka’s lip synching and cheap shot. Least favourite Parka match so far, and no surprise considering he’s in there with Bagwell who manages to suck the enjoyment factor out of any match. How he was deemed ‘charismatic’ I’ll never know?

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-03-29-WCW-Thunder] Buff Bagwell vs La Parka

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