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[2000-04-03-WWF-Raw] The Rock vs Shane McMahon


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Long drawn out promo by Vince and company here with all of them reconciling and being on the same page. Vince’s promo is pretty great but it still doesn’t justify all the lead up to Mania and why now everyone is one big happy family. Vince, Shane and HHH both throw challenges at Rock tonight. HHH’s promo is again strong as he wants to honor Stephanie but does it in a sleazy heel way. We get many backstage segments before the main event of them choosing straws and Shane getting the honor of facing Rock. The match starts proper and isn’t much with all sorts of hijinks and stuff going on around ringside. The culmination is Rock getting HHH in the ring as Shane and Vince retreat up the ramp. Rock ends up pinning HHH which again is a good moment in the case of booking and HHH being an effective heel. *

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Sports entertainment and McMahons and stuff. Lots and lots of it. This is a front for Vince and HHH to gang up on Rock, which is pretty great at building drama and making Rock look like he's facing the toughest odds in the world. He overcomes it all and gets another measure of revenge -- for now -- pinning HHH even though the match doesn't involve him. The HHH push at this point is walking all the way up to the line of going too far, but not quite crossing it just yet.

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