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[2000-04-07-NJPW-Dome Impact] Masa Chono vs Great Muta


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The title of the match is Restricted Zone which is awesome. Molly Holly escorts Muta out and Chono has his entire posse out there including the N W O 2000 members that just defected. A conflicting match. Everything was going along nicely and I thought these two had somehow pulled off two miracle matches in the dome in 2000. Then the rest holds got a little long and the violence and wandering around the ringside area felt really mundane. The kicker though is the complete bullshit finish that happens and that Muta is able to escape relatively free with 10 people backing Chono up. **1/ 2

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I thought this was solidly worked for the most part, but it was pretty slow-paced and honestly boring for big chunks. Lousy finish after serviceable but really bland action doesn't do it any favors, either. Cool seeing Miss Madness do her missile dropkick in heels to a big pop in the post-match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-04-07-NJPW-Dome Impact] Masa Chono vs Great Muta

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