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[2017-03-26-Ice Ribbon] Arisa Nakajima vs Tsukasa Fujimoto


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Arisa Nakajima vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto


Training with Nanae has turned Arisa into a savage. She was decimating Fujimoto in truly wicked fashion; her offense looked so intense and raw, especially those vicious knees against the ropes. Fujimoto reciprocates with unruly kicks and stomps to the head. Arisa mocks Tsukasa's Ocean Cyclone, but instead of properly performing the move she just drops Tsukasa flat on her face, total disrespect. I thought they worked well towards the time limit draw, the pacing was red hot and they kept things fresh and dramatic up until that point. ****

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This has a lot of one countering the other, because they are literally Best Friends, but also has the chippiness of a NHL playoff series. There are several nasty strikes to go along with all of the cheap shots and hair pulling. All of the big moves that are hit in this match have more impact because they come off as earned rather than just the two of them running through a sequence. You really bite on the nearfalls because of how hard the two of them have been going at one another. Really strong draw. ****

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-03-26-Ice Ribbon] Arisa Nakajima vs Tsukasa Fujimoto

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