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[2016-02-12-AJPW] Kento Miyahara vs Zeus

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This one is for the vacant Triple Crown Championship.


Zeus looks like such an asshole with his sunglasses at a closed building. Great look for a heel.


The match itself features your usual story of strenght vs speed. They thankfully leave the feeling out process to a minimum, and while there is some matwork, it feels like they are actually testing each other instead of doing it for the sake of doing it.


Story of the match is Miyahara working from underneath after Zeus works on his back, doing a whole lot of slams and holds targetting that region. However, he just cannot get a sustainable offense, instead doing short flurries before getting cut out by Zeus overwhelming power. He is a big boy.


The finishing stretch is just bomb throwing after bomb throwing, and Kento does raise the suspense after not being able to bridge on a German Suplex - is he going to overcome the odds? With a nice sense of urgence, Kento finally seals the deal and beats Zeus with an armtrap German.



Kento is pretty darn good at playing the babyface ace who gives his all fighting from underneath, and Zeus is charismatic as shit as this heelish roided freak. Some spots felt disjointed at points, and at times the pacing of the match felt slow, but otherwise a good watch. *** 3/4

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Crazy thing, though probably not all that surprising, is that "in real life" Zeus is one of the warmest, kindest people you could ever hope to meet. His look is totally suited to being a cocky, dickish heel but the dude behind that look could not be more different from the character he's playing. Bodyguard, too, while we're at it.

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