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[2017-04-14-DDT/DAMNATION Produce] Daisuke Sasaki vs Dick Togo


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A 30-minute Ultimate Submission match featuring Dick Togo. What else do you need to know? Togo puts on one of his best performances since returning to wrestling, at least from what I've seen, with Sasaki's weasel heel shtick kept to a minimum. Both men were terrific but Togo really shined here as he largely fought from underneath, selling the leg and working in some hot comebacks to take the champ to the limit. There's a great visual of Togo scooting around on the mat to avoid Sasaki. There are plenty of fun crossface teases and a few good punch exchanges. Sasaki's an underrated Naito-lite with his legwork and cool transitions. I love his diving elbow drop into the figure-four leglock. Heading into the final minutes of the draw, they struggled to get something locked in and Togo finally slaps on a cross armbreaker but it's too little, too late. Really good match.

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Man, did I love this. Togo starts off really going after the arm of Sasaki and that gets worked over for the first 10 minutes of the match. This is the rare single cam match that really feels like it is an enhancement as you are right there in on the action and can see the proficiency of the limb work being worked over. Togo gets two falls off of his arm work with an armbreaker and a sleeper. Sasaki is able to come back at around the 12 minute mark and starts to work over Togo's leg. Togo gets cranked over through this leg work. I enjoy Sasaki a good bit but he was excellent here in a toned down heel role and just going after the leg with great tenacity. Togo regaining the advantage from the mat shows how even from an underneath position, he can be really dangerous. That crossface was utilized 20 minutes in as a preview for the final moments of the entire match. Pedigree by Togo neutralizes Sasaki but damages Togo's leg even more. This allows Sasaki to result back to his heel tendencies throwing the referee into the ropes as Togo takes a while to climb. The match opening up with some crowd brawling is probably my least favorite portion of the match as the mat work was so well done but Sasaki hitting the elbow drop off the table was well done and gained him a distinctive advantage. After going for an ankle lock and that getting thwarted, Sasaki moves to a crossface and even though Togo tries to escape, Sasaki has a few tricks up his sleeve and he keeps reversing it to gain the 3-2 advantage 24 minutes in. The first big strike exchange happens and then Togo is able to hit another pedigree and due to his leg not being focused on in the last five or so minutes, he can climb the ropes faster to land the big senton. Crossface is locked in and we are tied up with 4 minutes to go. Togo hits his big dive now. Dueling crossfaces finish the match out with both hanging on. A great sense of escalation and limb work with the selling being consistent and the nearfalls coming at a natural pace. A great match. ****1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-04-14-DDT/DAMNATION Produce] Daisuke Sasaki vs Dick Togo
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Really great build throughout this match. Even when they go for the dives and brawl outside towards the end, it made sense for me because they've been in a war all along. Loved Togo being unable to follow up on the pedigree because Sasaki had focused on his leg. Togo getting Sasaki hooking the arm in the crossface and Sasaki survivng after Togo had tapped immediately to it before was another cool touch.

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