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[2000-04-20-ARSION] Aja Kong vs Etsuko Mita


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Arsion’s clips continue to be grating. This action looked good and submission based which provides more of a contrast if nothing else to the stuff Aja does in GAEA for example. Mita seemed like a worthy challenger and locked in a good choke but Aja was able to wiggle free. My favorite moment was when Aja had the La Magistral hooks in and changed that into a submission attempt. The spinning back fist of Kong continues to be one of the most protected moves of 2000. NR

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If it means keeping the action in the ring, every Aja Kong match should have lumberjacks (assuming that's what this is) since going outside is always the worst part of her matches. About 8 minutes of highlights that look really good, and I am always a fan of booking where members of an established tag team can also be threats as singles competitors. Mita did a lot of selling here, a role reversal of sorts from the usual LCO bully role. No plunder either -- this was mostly submissions. Not enough here to clearly rate, but I'd love it if this popped up in full.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-04-20-ARSION] Aja Kong vs Etsuko Mita

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