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[2000-04-26-WCW-Thunder] Booker T vs Mike Awesome


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These two didn’t have any chemistry at all in this match. Booker has also lost his T. Steiner is doing commentary and you keep waiting for the run in. It finally happens and Awesome is able to hit an Awesome Bomb to pin Booker. After the match, the beatdown continues until every WCW scrub comes out to help including Lash Leroux and Hugh Morrus. *1/2

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Steiner completely overtakes the commentary and they sort of ignore the match. I was not a fan of Big Poppa Pump at all really, but I have to say that there would be huge interest in building up Scott Steiner in this era against Brock Lesnar now if that was possible. Kind of a blah match, but Steiner vs Booker is set up for Slamboree. Lash, Chavo, Van Hammer and Hugh Morrus attempt a save to foreshadow one of the lamest stables in wrestling history.

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After Booker and Awrsome make their entrances, Scott Steiner is out to provide guest commentary for the match. Awesome gets the better of a shoulderblock, Booker with a leapfrog, however Awesome catches him mid-air and an overhead belly to belly suplex. Booker comes back with a flying forearm and a clothesline which sends Awesome over the top tope to the floor. Whip to the guardrail is reversed and Awesome then nails Booker with a chair before throwing him into the ring steps. Clothesline off the top for two. Sleeperhold as Awesome tries to wear down his opponent. Booker counters an Irish whip with a modified belly to back suplex, ax kick, flapjack and he heads up to. As the official is checking on Awesome, Steiner leaves his position at the announcer’s table and nails Booker with his title belt. He crashed to the canvas and an impressive looking ‘Awesomebomb’ for the win. Steiner puts Booker in the recliner after the match, when out comes Lash LaRoux, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Hugh Morrus and Van Hammer to make the save. Mike Tenay refers to them as a ‘motley crew of misfits’ as a pre-cursor for the Misfits in Action, and the four of them clear the ring with Booker looking a tad surprised that they came to help.


I said in the past when you’ve seen one Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka match you’ve seen them all, and I’m starting to think when you’ve seen on Mike Awesome match period you’ve seen them all! Steiner is terrible on commentary and the match was background for his obvious attack on Booker. Can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing more of the M.I.A.

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