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[2000-04-27-WWF-Smackdown] Chris Jericho & Tazz vs Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn


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It is cute they put Saturn and Tazz in this match since its two of the bigger names they have de-emphasized in 2000 in there with the two people I would argue they have done the best in elevating in Benoit and Jericho. SmackDown is becoming the king of perfectly enjoyable 3-5 minute matches in a WCW Worldwide type of way. After Tazz’s good showing last week he is handily worked over here by the Radicalz. They still give him some slight moments like not tapping in the crossface but those showcases seem to be dwindling. Jericho gets the hot tag and cleans house with Saturn and Tazz brawling on the outside. Benoit and Saturn run into each other and Jericho is able to gain the pin off of a lionsault. *1/2

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I'm having WCW flashbacks with the Vanilla Midgets in a short match while the announcers talk about the main eventers. Luckily, it's an anomaly and not the pattern at this point, as Benoit and Jericho were both in the middle of major pushes. Fun, short TV match with Tazz and Saturn interestingly getting to rub elbows with two guys who have climbed past them. Tazz is FIP and they build to the Jericho hot tag and the pin over Benoit as the final hard sell for Backlash.

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Despite Benoit and Saturn wearing ‘Radicalz’ T-shirts they are not referred to as them, just by their individual names which says plenty in itself. The match kicks off with all four men in the ring and the teams immediately pair off. The official finally gains some order and Saturn with an F-5 on Y2J. Irish whip and Jericho shoots through his legs and goes for ‘the Walls’ early. Benoit is in to try and help his partner but he’s cut off by Tazz, however as the referee tries to get him back on the apron, ‘the Crippler’ then nails Y2J with his I-C title. Jericho ducks under a clothesline, flying forearm and he’s able to make the tag. Northern Lights suplex and Benoit breaks the pin by kicking away one of Tazz’s legs. Belly to back by Saturn and Benoit with a running elbow smash for two. Great backbreaker/top rope knee across the chest from the ‘no longer known as’ the Radicalz. ‘Crippler crossface’ and Jericho saves Tazz with a dropkick to the back of Benoit’s head. Bulldog on ‘the Crippler’ and now Saturn is the one having to break up the count. ‘Tazzmission’ on Saturn, but before he can fully apply it Saturn dives through the ropes to the floor taking Tazz with him. As he gets back up on the apron, Jericho reverses the Irish whip and sends Benoit crashing into his own partner. One Lionsault later and Y2J and Tazz get the win.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-04-27-WWF-Smackdown] Chris Jericho & Tazz vs Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn

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