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[2000-04-30-WWF-Backlash] X-Pac & Road Dogg vs Edge & Christian


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Fun opener with X-Pac starting to get the annoying heat but it isn’t there yet. Debra is the ring announcer and does one of the worst jobs I have ever heard introducing the teams. It is Rico in IWA levels bad. Edge and Christian are starting to display their new attitude but do play most of this match as the faces. That takes a sudden turn in the final moments where Christian hits X-Pac with the ring bell allowing them to retain the titles. The finish was well done for a distraction type finish with a lot of things going on. X-Pac bleeds an absolute gusher too off of the bell shot. ***

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Man the crowd was way into this. Edge and Christian had a very New Day-ish bad guy who get good guy pops feel at this moment and they work a crowd-pleasing opener. Edge's falling headbutt came off a little wonky but they mixed in some fun cross-up spots down the finishing stretch and the closing schmozz was done really well.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-04-30-WWF-Backlash] X-Pac & Road Dogg vs Edge & Christian
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What a great PPV opener with all four busting their guts out to have a strong match. I don’t seem to remember Road Dogg ever moving this quick but he was right there with the other three. Edge and Christian were a great team at this period and it’s refreshing to note that they could work these opening matches, complete with fairly complex finishing sequences and pull them off great and they weren’t just a team that excelled in the big stunt show matches. X-Pac being busted hardway (I think) was an absolutely insane thing to happen in the opening match of the night. Really solid stuff and the kind of thing that WWF just wasn’t pulling off on the undercard the year previous. 

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