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[2000-05-01-WWF-Raw] Chris Benoit vs Tazz


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The match barely gets going before Saturn comes down to ringside. This allows Benoit to hit a fisherman suplex to pin Tazz in around 90 seconds. Yeah, Tazz is getting downplayed pretty good as his main issue is clearly the Hardcore title stuff now. Hardcore Holly suplexes Benoit. ¼*

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Tazz promises to turn Benoit’s frown upside down! There’s no hanging around as ‘the Crippler’ goes straight for his opponent. Tazz reverses the Irish whip, Benoit shoots through his legs and a snap suplex. Another reversal, Tazz grabs him for a head and arm suplex, but Benoit with a series of headbutts to break his hold. A couple of knees to the mid-section, however the left is blocked and Tazz with a Northern Lights suplex. The two of them trade stiff chops when out walks Perry Saturn. Tazz is briefly distracted by him before returning to the match in hand. He goes to kick Benoit in the stomach, but ‘the Crippler’ catches his leg and hooks a Fisherman suplex for the win. Tazz attacks Saturn after the match, and as they go at it on the floor Bob Holly strolls out to ringside. As Benoit celebrates his win he’s jumped by Holly, who lays him out with a Falcon Arrow before taking out both Tazz and Saturn with a flying clothesline.


Wow, this was even shorter than the match they had last month and Tazz jobbing to a Fisherman suplex? When has Benoit ever beaten anyone with a Fisherman suplex? Someone’s stock has plummeted big style.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-01-WWF-Raw] Chris Benoit vs Tazz

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