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[2000-05-01-WWF-Raw] The Rock vs Shane McMahon (Cage)


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We get an interview with Rock celebrating at becoming the champ. The McMahon/Helmsley regime comes out and Vince announces that Shane is getting the shot at the title tonight. He even tongue in cheek talks about Shane being champ in what I believe is a shot to Arquette being WCW champ. HHH is a little dismayed at this decision and the match will be an escape cage match. The match starts and out comes Patterson and Briscoe in their referee shirts. Some funny moments on commentary with King talking about JR not being able to have a son and JR saying “we don’t want to talk about sons do we King.” HHH on the outside has a stick that he prods Rock with. Shane starts firing up with his punches with Vince dancing on the outside until Rock DDT’s him. Rock grabs the stick and breaks it over Shane’s back. After a battle on top, Pat crotches the Rock and then tries to shove Shane over the top of the cage. Rock recovers and gives a Rock Bottom to Pat. Shane is crawling on top of the cage as Rock grabs him. Shane takes a bump from the top of the cage to the canvas. People’s elbow and it looks like Rock is going to win until Briscoe slams the door on Rock’s head. HHH gets in the cage now and attacks Rock sending him into the cage. Hebner comes out and shoves Briscoe into the cage and the door into HHH. Rock gives HHH a spinebuster and then escapes to regain the title. This was a fun reprise of the night before. **

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If Over The Edge and Backlash are the perfect encapsulations of Attitude Era main events, this is the perfect encapsulation of a TV main event from that era. Just perfect. It's not even something I'd call a good match, as it's *entirely* extracurricular shenanigans, but they are awesome and the crowd is out of this world for every moment of this. This was a super fun time to be a wrestling fan, that's for sure.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-01-WWF-Raw] The Rock vs Shane McMahon (Cage)

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