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[2000-05-03-WCW-Thunder] Hulk Hogan vs Scott Steiner


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Steiner calls out Hogan and here he comes. This probably should have been saved for a bigger spot. Action spills to the outside right away and Hugh Morrus beats up on Steiner on the outside. Steiner decides to take his loses and bail. They give Hogan a countout win and him hugging Hugh Morrus and putting him over is weird to see. Steiner backstage is irate that no one came to protect him. ½*

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Tony Schiavone says that this is a ‘New York, no rules, no referee’ fight and Steiner and the girls are out first. He cuts a brief promo talking about Hogan’s ‘spot’, and surprisingly this doesn’t result in a joke about his ‘bald spot’, before the Hulkster joins them. Hogan avoids a right hand and fires back with two of his own. A pair of lariats and Steiner rolls to the outside. Hulk follows him out and throws him over the guardrail into the crowd, where from somewhere, Hugh Morrus has appeared. The two of them double team Steiner and this is now essentially a handicap match, with Mike Tenay saying how it’s another example of the Millionaire’s Club sticking together. WCW must’ve squandered even more money than I imagined if they made Bill Demott a millionaire! Double low blow and a double clothesline from Steiner and he motions for someone from the New Blood to come and help him and even things up. No-one does though and he’s back to being double teamed by Hogan and Morrus. A clothesline from Morrus and that’s enough for Steiner. He rolls out the ring and heads back to the dressing room with the commentators stressing how no-one came to help him out. Hogan’s music plays and apparently he’s won by count out as Hugh counted Steiner out. Huh?


I was close to not rating this, but Tony Schiavone said it was a match, albeit a ‘New York, no rules, no referee’ fight, so I am. Scott Steiner vs Hulk Hogan could’ve been a big deal if built right, instead we got this. The action was poor, the finish was shit and it looked more like the start of an angle to get Steiner away from the New Blood with no-one coming to help him. I’m also still at a loss to how Hogan won a match by countout when there was no referee?

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