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[2006-03-25-ROH-Best In The World] Bryan Danielson & Samoa Joe vs KENTA & Naomichi Marufuji


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A world class tag team in KENTAFuji going against two of the best singles wrestlers in the world, a dream team of the aces of ROH in Bryan Danielson & Samoa Joe. No way this wasn't gonna be great. It started off with some nice work between Danielson & Marufuji - that transitioned into Marufuji being the FIP, which he was tremendous at I might add - that really was a pleasant surprise because in some of the KENTAFuji tags in the past he hasn't been the strongest FIP. Here he thankfully was tremendous. Joe & especially Danielson were fantastic with their work over him, working the heat on him in terrific fashion. Eventually Maru makes the hot tag to KENTA who is really fiery in that - he goes right after Joe & my goodness their interactions were HEATED. Such a shame we never got to see a singles match between them in 2006-2007. Danielson gets to be the FIP now, and he does absolutely amazing job in that - selling his ass off for KENTAFuji who did their awesome work over him. While Maru was really great in his FIP segment, Danielson really was on another level. Same could be said about the next hot tag - KENTA was great, but goddamn Joe came in like a KILLER when Dragon got to make the tag to him. The whole finishing stretch was really damn awesome too, with everybody getting to shine. Truly one of the best tag matches in ROH history. ****3/4

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It's so wonderful remembering just why it is that I absolutely loved ROH 2006 despite only discovering it in retrospect. This is the first time I've watched this match and the line up doesn't disappoint. Danielson is absolutely world class (duh) but Joe and KENTA are the highlight reel of this match. All their interactions are intense, heated, and stiff as all hell. Marufuji kinda lags behind everyone else here especially in the selling department. I know that wasn't a big theme in the match but Joe and Dragon worked over his leg for a good while and then he comes in just kicking everybody and running the ropes like it's all fine. Easy enough to forgive when the belter of a finishing stretch comes along but still noteworthy. I loved how Dragon was still able to work as the only heel in the match while also playing FIP for the Japanese team near the end. Just showed the attention to detail and commitment to performance that he always had.


Great intensity, great speed, and everything you might expect of a tag match between these four.


The post-match promo is funny too.



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