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[2008-06-21-NOAH-European Navigation] Bryan Danielson & Eddie Edwards vs KENTA & Taiji Ishimori

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The main selling point of this match was the interactions between Danielson & KENTA - and those sure did not disappoint. This was just a really well structured & paced tag match that delivered on all levels. Danielson was absolutely brilliant right from the get go - he established during his entrance when he said that "only Americans deserve to hear the Final Countdown" that he was gonna be a dick in this match. And he sure was one. He was absolutely phenomenal in that, working over Ishimori, going toe-toe-toe with KENTA all the while playing a complete dick to them. KENTA was also great kicking the shit out of Edwards & Edwards was really good at getting the shit kicked out of him. Him & Ishimori really were the supporting actors in this one while Bryan & KENTA were the leading ones. All played their roles perfectly & put on a terrific match. ****1/2

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