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[2017-04-29-NJPW] Hiromu Takahashi vs Ricochet


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Another great match for Hiromu. Just action action action for 16 minutes that didn't let up but also didn't drift too far into stupidity that they lost me. I liked Ricochet going for broke right away given the previous match with KUSHIDA. Hiromu is always going to take some chances to gain an advantage and he does that here. They did a strong job of showing how Ricochet was just one move away from being successful and winning multiple times. Eventually, the energy and tenacity of Hiromu is too much and he wins in 16 minutes. ****

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I thought this was a great match. The opening flurry of offense by Ricochet was something different. The action back and forth was strong and it actually felt like Ricochet had a chance of winning. Takahashi came off as a strong champion pulling out the win with his finishing stretch. ****1/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-04-29-NJPW] Hiromu Takahashi vs Ricochet

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