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[2000-05-05-FMW] Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs Kodo Fuyuki


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They have a done good job on this show in making the hardcore matches feel just different enough. Yamakawa and Kanemura was around the big spots, Gannosuke and Sabu the mystique and this is more gore oriented. Fuyuki is really limited as a worker but the charisma is still there and he is a personal favorite for me so him bleeding buckets and clamoring to the crowd is enough for me to keep this entertaining. Kuroda is an interesting worker where he has been pushed well and doesn’t quite have “it” to really connect so far. This was no different as I thought he was easily the weakest person in this match. Fuyuki winning was a surprise for me. **3/4

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It's a bit pathetic how much better Fuyuki is than Kuroda in this match. The gulf is huge. Fuyuki is so past his peak years and so broken down, but still so good, making this a very good, intense match even when Kuroda tries working comedy spots with underwear in the middle of a heated bloodbath. I think he has it in him to be much better than he is, but he makes such puzzling match choices. ***1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-05-FMW] Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs Kodo Fuyuki

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